TVHM havent found any good items?

I’m on like chapter 8 now on tvhm and all I have been getting is little blue lots of green and white, I have yet to find a legendary from drops and when I hit a loot area I dont even find purples… something is terribly wrong with this.
I even tried my gungun and I was getting a purple every like 100 eridium.
Is anyone else having this problem???

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mayhem is where the loot at.

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Yea but I should still get a few purps and a legendary now and then from tvhm. All I’m getting is green =[
I’m getting worse drops then normal mode.

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I am only playing on mayhem 3 so I cant tell how your situations feels, but since the update I am dropping legendarys left and right from normal mobs constantly

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I just played through TVM on Mayhem 3 today and was extremely disappointed in the loot drops. I found one vanilla Luciano’s Call. That was by far the best drop I got throughout the entire campaign. Most minor bosses dropped no legendaries. The story bosses dropped one or two with item scores around 475-500.

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Yeah I’m in a similar boat. In Normal mode I was drowning in Legendaries but I’ve just killed Katagawa and the last Legendary I’ve had was dropped by the Mouthpiece so way back in the game. I’m also not getting many Epics, either. Mind you that one was a Thunderball Fists at L42 and it’s pretty much carried me all the way through L47 where I am now so on balance can’t complain too much!

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Yeah dont think TVHM improves loot quality really it simply makes it so the enemies and therefore the dropped items scale with you instead of getting items lower level than you. Mayhem ups loot :smiley:

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Still hasn’t been fixed =[ hopefully soon with how many hot fixes are being pushed.

Can confirm that on TVHM the drops are all green and blue, the first legendary i got was at Katawa Jr… Can’t tell if its inferior in quality to its Mayhem counterpart yet

Pro tip: Don’t disregard rare and epic loot.

The Torque shotgun Protuberance is far stronger than 99% of all legendaries, for example.

so since I posted the other day someone must have been paying attention because it’s been raining Legendaries. I’ve had around a dozen in the last few days. It’s feast or famine!

These posts always surprise me. I’m playing online (meaning all hotfixes and etc. apply) on Xbox One and have yet to see any issues with drop rates. I get tons of blues and purples. TONS. And Legendaries would drop at a rate akin to BL1 (that is to say fair amount) on Normal and TVHM.

On Mayhem 1 they drop from bosses pretty regularly and world drop here and there. It only gets better in Mayhem 2 and 3 respectively.

Makes me wonder if its a bug, RNG being just brutal to people, or people expecting the best stuff to rain from the sky, and being upset about that not happening. Maybe some kind of combo of these?

Playing tvhm on ps4. Every map i end up with backback of blues and purples, some annoited also. I have only gotten 2 legendary, a smg and transformer shield. Im up to first vault monster. The blues and purples are carrying me great .

I suspect it’s just RNG. I spent the first 3/4 of TVHM with no Legendary and barely any Epic drops at all but then all of a sudden I couldn’t not get them. I’ve finished TVHM now and popped into the Anvil for some Anointed farming and I got Legendaries from four of them, along with a couple more out of loot chests.

Happily, I’ve hardly had any duplicates and at a rough guess I’ve had at least 40-50 Legendaries so far. I have had a few which I’ve picked up before but otherwise I keep getting ones I’ve never seen before. Don’t know if that’s RNG or some code which reduces the chances of getting something you already have but not complaining…

I didnt get much on my tvhm run. Most of my good purples came from vendors. Started tvhm at lv 32ish so leggos would have been a waist anyway. Now tvhm with just mh1 its to many leggos. No more excitement at the orange glow. Bl2 was to low droprate and bl3 is way at the other end lol.