Tvhm health glitch

Hello all. New to the forums and not sure if anyone else has run into this issue.

The wife and I played through the campaign and started again on tvhm. She is using Moze. All of a sudden she can’t regen health or pick it up. She doesnt use a shield that takes away health or a relic that has negative health effects and she isnt using the thin red line skill either.

It’s actually breaking the game for us because we can’t do anything because she is constantly getting knocked down necause she has no health.

Any info would be much appreciated. Cheera.

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Did you try:

unequip everything - exit the game to desktop

restart the game

put everything back on

I remember getting a bug when first entering THVM a while back and that fixed it. Not sure if its related.

Hello and ty for the quick reply. We will try that. Cheers

Nope that didnt work. She can sometimes pick up health vials but it won’t increase her health but mostly it won’t let her pick them up at all. They just bounce around when she tries.

Thanks for the idea though

Is her class mod a Bloodletter?

is she spec into thin red line?

You my friend are a genius… I asked her if she had anything like that and she said no… I went and had a look and… yep… that was it… so now I am going to go fake beat her up lol thanks.

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No mate but thank you… it was her class mod. Cheers

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yeah class mod that boost thin red line.

Do explain Bloodletter?
Googles it
Oh my… what a weird COM.

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And now you know why she didn’t notice it was the class mod. Borderlands games are notorious for adding things that have weird affects. (Some not essily noticeable on the card. Some not even fully noticed by the community right away) So I definitely get the confusion.

I am just glad it turned out to be an easy thing for you to look into.

Yeah us too!.. We are so glad that we joined the forums. It’s really cool that people are ao helpful. Really appreciate the help!. And yeah it really was confusing lol

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