Tvhm hellborn build

so i played melee all through normal and i was super bored bc i basically 1 hit everything and there wasnt much to do so in tvhm i wanted to try other builds so either bloodlust or hellborn

i was wondering a good spec for bloodlust or hellborn around level 40 and what gear i should use

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Hellborn is very effective at that level . Depending on COM (purple Torch and Toast are the best choices), this is a good basic Hellborn build :

Again, move points around for COM usage. I left it at level 36 : additional points can go into Embrace the Pain or Blood-Filled Guns.

Shields : adaptives, Neogenator, Flame of the Firehawk, Rough Rider depending on availability.
Grenades : anything elemental - preferably AoE like teslas.
Guns : same thing. Any elemental gun will do great, but those with splash will be better.

@paulothead has been leveling up a Hellborn Krieg - he may have some additional recommendations.

For Bloodlust :

I made that one level 42 just to show Thrill with the one point that it only needs. Further points into Strip the Flesh, Redeem the Soul and Salt the Wound.

Blister COM is my favourite for that.
Shields - same as above.
Grenades - Fastball, MIRV, anything with a big impact.
Guns - see this list for guns that will trigger Blood Bath.

Edit : @nobleprzy , I forgot to mention relic. A health relic is always my top choice for Krieg regardless of build.


oh my gosh thank you so much i didnt expect such a quick and detailed response

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Let us know how you make out!

will do

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about the hellborn shields if i had access to all of these what would you suggest
i have a ~35 rough rider i can always pick up a flame from the story and neogenator is an easy farm iirc
and if aoe is good would the uh omen be a good pick?

Rough Rider is always my first choice. I can’t deal with the FotF’s flashing so can’t really comment properly. If you find a Neo or adaptive will substantially better health boost (you probably won’t), go with that.

Incidentally, you may find Bloodsplosion gets boring - it’s best in the OP levels.

But Hellborn with Blood Bath is awesome.

Omen : my top pick.

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nice im glad i thought of the omen and ill try everything out

Are you aiming at a Mania hybrid? Kriegtopher was aimed at Mania/Bloodlust. Rolled Bloodlust through normal and respecced for Release the Beast in true. If you spec for Release the Beast, you can fill Bloodlust up to a point in Bloodbath by 42 and that’ll give you the RtB “Oh S***!!!” button as well as good gun buffs. My Hellborn (aiming for Hellborn/Bloodlust this time) spec at the beginning of true was pretty close to what @Jefe suggests except I had 3/5 in both tier 1 skills and a couple of points into Fire Fiend wearing a Razed Toast com that buffed that as the second skill. As to the shield, I had a level 35 Rough Rider on until I found Adaptives with higher health bonuses, which for me was in the early 40s. The shield will be down most of the time anyway, so you should prioritize the health bonus over any other effect. (Credit to Jefe for that pearl of wisdom.) Also, when I got a little way into Hellborn I started prioritizing elemental effect chance and DOT damage. Elemental Elation and Empathy made a huge difference in dps and durability for me.