Tvhm i need help!

So I play a Hellborn Krieg and I’m level 50 and the current story mission I’m on is Toil and Trouble. I was having some difficulty with the Sawtooths, Sawtoohes, Sawteeth, whatever, so I decided to go do one of the headhunter packs to try and grind but I can’t beat this damn snowman no matter what. What am I doing wrong?

Mister Tinder Snowflake (the snowman) is weak to fire, as I recall. Most folks would BeeHawk him (Bee shield, Sandhawk SMG, preferably fire element) and be done with it. I’ve only bothered with him, I think, with Maya and Axton, so I don’t know any Krieg-specific tricks.

His enormous face is big critical hit stuff. Hit that.

Keep moving, and sideways to his direction of travel/attack. Especially when he does that swimming-in-the-ice thing.

Let him spawn a few extra snowmen for easy second winds, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Again, KEEP MOVING.

You CAN cheese him from the elevator. You can kinda wedge yourself behind it on the right (as you look at it from the pond), and all but one of his attacks will be unable to damage you there. Again, that’s the CHEESE method, but it’ll get you through the fight anyhow.

TL;DR- If you can’t BeeHawk him, then keep moving and put fire elemental damage on his face until he dies.

With Hellborn Krieg, you negate the broken, cheese filled joy that is the bee shield unless you have a non elemental gun to go with it, because the fire DOT on yourself from Delusional Damage will break the Bee shield. A non elemental Sandhawk might work or maybe a Hammer Buster, as the Bekah wulould be a tough find at that level. Using those, you can cheese him from the entryway, like with every other character. Are you using a grog, as holding that plus elemental elation could keep you exploding away with the FoF and healing yourself, while also using the grog to slag. It probably wouldn’t be super fast, but it should be doable. The setup I mention (grog, FoF, class mod that boosts Elemental Empathy,), should crush most mobbing areas, though it does get a little boring after awhile imho. Throw in some type of slag grenade, or singularity (with slag is even better) or something generally good like a stormfront (which also builds Bloodlust quickly) or magic missile.

I dunno, curious what the more knowledgeable Krieg players like @Gulfwulf and @xmngr have to say.

edit: Not sure what a good L50 build for Hellborn Krieg with guns and the FoTF would look like, here’s a thought but I have no idea if this is even close to ideal.

edit2/3 as I screwed up the build link: At L53 recently on a playthrough with some friends, I ran a melee / hellborn build with the FoTF and the Leg Pyscho COM. It worked pretty well, though I’m not claiming it’s the best or anything. The boost from the Pyscho mod kept the FoTF down indefinitely, but you can also use an Orphan Maker to make sure of that. Looking at it again, there’s a good argument that Thrill of the Kill isn’t needed and that those points should go elsewhere and that Blood Overdrive is better than Taste of Blood at that level.

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Forget the Snowman, just give some dough to Moxxi for a Good Touch and you should be set for Sawtooth.

You are probably having trouble against the Snowman as he doesn’t take DoT and hence you can’t utilise most of your skills via self-ignition. The turkey would probably be a better choice to farm, his chests aren’t as good as the Snowman’s but he’s still a good source of loot especially early game and way easier to kill as he actually takes DoT.


Get the bee and a fire lady fist. It wrecks face.

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Given he’s at Sawtooth Cauldron and both items only become available in the Arid Nexus, he can’t get either sadly.

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