TVHM Impossible Position?

Over the past months I have worked up to a solo Level 50 in TVHM where, until now all missions have been achievable. Yesterday whilst going through a practice run for “Faster than the Speed of Love” side mission in Oasis, the game dropped into the “Leviathons Lair” side mission.

The first battle with Roscoe was only achievable as I found a blind spot where Roscoe left you alone. However it took over 150 Assault rifle hits at 21,484 damage. When confronted with the Leviathon I went through 140+ Sniper Rifle critical hits (10,317 damage) and around 800 Assault rifle hits at 21,484 damage. Yet the Leviathon’s health bar was not even half empty. I estimate that I would need Sniper and Assault Rifles with around 35,000 to 40,000 damage to have any chance of success. As most of the pick up weapons have been below 7,000 damage there seems little chance of ever completing this side mission in TVHM. I hope that when I eventually kill Handsome Jack it won’t be a similar position with the Warrior.

This leaves me very disappointed.


Should be pretty killable in TVHM. Two things: his eyes are the place to shoot, and he’s vulnerable to fire. If you’re really stuck and have run out of ammo, save-quit, select the same character but switch to Normal mode, restart, travel somewhere safe, then repeat to get back into TVHM.

Note that, once you’ve activated the lighthouse, any time you pass over the light patch on the ground you’ll end up back at Roscoe.

Edit: I usually stay back where you first drop down to the encounter. Also,


Same goes for Leviathan: the blue orby bits are the critical hit locations. Bullets anywhere else are wasted. It sounds like you already found the spot where he can’t hit you and his worms won’t spawn. The last one (that appears on the underside of the tongue/head thing) is the worst since it isn’t out for long. I usually use Scarlett’s Incendiary Greed for this fight (along with whatever else I happen to have - usually a good touch and a fire sniper of some kind like a volcano).