TVHM in Pre-Sequel....still haven't gotten my SHDO-TP head T-T

So I just finished TVHM with the DLC as Athena and— T-T

I still haven’t gotten this stupid head. I love it sooo much— I want it so bad. Is this head even possible I mean seriously so many times I’ve faced Shadow-Trap in that Hacker mission.

I don’t wanna start my Claptrap playthrough until I get this head…it’s so cool that I’ll never take it off.

What platform are you on? I can move this into the appropriate trade section.

My mistake, I should have thought of putting this on the trade section other then just posting it on here. PS4 Handsome Jack Collection.

Done! Good luck!

Bump. Alright it seems like the SHDO-TP head is one of the Trickster heads, though it’s not called Trickster it’s just called SHDO-TP. If anyone has a spare head of this, please contact me…the DLC for the Pre-Sequel is still…buggy and it freezes alot when I’m trying to farm Hacker for Shadow-TP boss fight.