TVHM is disappointing (read me) small spoiler

I played both normal and tvhm of bounty of blood and rose’s gun did the same stats as normal on mayhem 10

They are the same weapon.

TVHM is purely a difficulty added to the game. Its essentially new game plus. Some stats are changed. Enemies tend to have a base 100% more health armor and shields. Elemental effects are drastically increased. Loot is increased. Some could say its harder some could say it’s easier.
I prefer it to NVHM but tbat is my preference.

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Are you saying you played on nvhm mayhem ten and then tvhm mayhem ten? I only ask because once you turn on mayhem mode nvhm and tvhm don’t do anything. MM is it’s own thing.

As @Anarchy4ever said. TVHM is like new game plus. Without mayhem it does change elemental stats, loot chances, enemy density and health and a few other things.

However, once you turn on mayhem mode, NVHM and TVHM are identical in every regard. Even at mayhem 1. Essentially mayhem mode turns on all of the changes that TVHM does and then some.

Not even started TVHM as it’s just… well only good for if I’m wanting to run all way through to a certain mission(s) specific weapon/item which can say… sod that been there done that to point of death on BL2 lol. NVHM M10 all the way.

As others have said, as soon as you turn Mayhem Mode on the difficulty differences between Normal and TVHM don’t matter anymore. The only difference between them with MM on is that you can reset the story and replay quests in TVHM.

I wish they would let us reset specific missions/dlc instead of everything en mass.

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Does resetting the story missions reset your fast travel network as well?

It does, but only for TVHM. You can still jump back to NVHM and everything is unlocked as it was. Resetting basically takes you back to the very beginning at Covenant’s Pass, you have to work your way back to Sanctuary even to get into the DLCs.