Tvhm m10 drop rates

So playing for awhile on mayhem 10 in TVHM.
Go kill the warden and get 0 legendaries.

Im lvl 65, with the luck stat of +11.46%, treasure hunter, and lootsplosion. I get RNjesus is a thing but 0… I get more legendary loot from non BA enemies in this mode.
Can the Devs look into wth is going on with TVHM as its “supposed to drop better loot”.

In how many runs? Also do you mean in terms of no legendary items whatsoever or not one of the designated drops? Not trying to be a smart a$$ but there is a difference between I didn’t get a drop on 1 run, in 10 runs, and in 50 runs. Also a difference then between a world drop, a dedicated drop, and an exclusive drop with each level getting stingier and stingier. Even a bad on a bad streak it seems like a world drop will pop up within 10 runs. The next levels yeah those really need a reevaluation we aren’t killing warden for ASMDs and Woodblockers.

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I did around 30 runs. Out of that 6 never dropped anything. I agree btw. I do understand the world/exclusive rates too, which is why i was surprised to not even get a common legendary.

Luck stat almost certainly doesn’t affect designated drops, so you can ignore that stat. Also, as soon as you turn mayhem on the differences between NVHM and TVHM pretty much vanish. Other than that, I’m not sure what all is in the Warden’s pool currently - stuff was moved around a while back, so it may be that his pool is thinner than it was? World drops seem to be pretty variable in number from bosses, but I think that’s just because the world drop chance is a lot lower than the designated one to begin with.

The drop rates and the crap annoitments are why I quit the game, feel so much better after leaving this game to gather dust :wink:

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Do you still have to complete the full story before activating MH in TVHM (meaning you can never obtain certain items, such as the cloud kill, null pointer, or hand of glory with a MH level as these items cannot be purchased from Crazy Earl’s Veteran Rewards machine).

You do not have to complete it again in TVHM before mayhem works if im not mistaking. So you could get any story weapon at mayhem 10.


Once Mayhem is available on a character it is available across both NVHM and TVHM.

It used to be you could not change the level till you got to sanctuary, but that was rectified a while ago and that can be adjusted anywhere through the Echo device.

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