TVHM M4 Trial of Instinct in 6:00 with R4kk Fl4k

I couldn’t do it faster with an Ion Cannon. Splash damage r4kks against flesh has insane clear speeds.


Are you on console or pc? That was a pretty impressive run.

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That’s pretty badass I actually use the same mod trying to get 5 minute runs here and cunning I’m glad a build on the opposite side of the spectrum is getting similar times in their runs.
I don’t use an ion cannon but I use the cutsman on 3 specific spots so I can’t say much about newb tubes.

I’m on both PS4 and PC. This run was done on PC.

I only use the ion cannon for armored targets because it’s actually quite slow in most speed run scenarios.

The Ion Cannon is only good on Fl4k (imo) in 3-shot fade away, stacked Overkill, or in very specific circumstances. 90% of the time a proper element Bangstick will be a better choice for speed.

The new craps pistol in cryo actually helped my build out alot for armored enemies.
If someone really wanted to use ion cannon for speed runs weapon charge speed would feel required.

I don’t run weapon charge speed, but since I only use it for stripping armor and typically against slow moving targets, it works fine for me.

The charge speed also isn’t bad compared to any Maliwan gun. Enemies have a tendency to instantly dodge attacks so I have to wait for them to dodge/dive/roll anyways before shooting making the charge speed not too big of a deal.

The constant dodging makes using the gun as a main frustrating. It also does poorly against flying targets despite its accuracy.

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