TVHM + Mayhem, a console players opinion (PS4)

First up, if this critic doesn’t get viewed by a developer, its kinda pointless(right forum?)

My story:
I like BL3, so i played a lot.
Got all 4 characters at 50, normal mode, 4 times the whole story.
Was fun! (except the not skippable cutscenes, 3 times)
I have decent gear, far from maxed but refined to the characters.
My build was made on normal Mayhem3, for normal Mayhem 3!
and its getting to easy, so i wanted to get into TVHM

and here is my trouble, big trouble actually
its so easy, its NO fun (there is no mayhem mode on console)
1 shot badass, 3 shot bosses, i loled twice, now its just a chore

i am now forced to sit 4 more times (+1/character) through Your story?
while this time the gameplay is draining me, it really sucks without any challenge
are You serious about this?
another 10 hours each of WAITING to press “square” to continue?
when movement-speed becomes the most sought after skill, that’s a red flag

this is to much!
every story loses its taste if told to often, even stronger for jokes
i’d like to respect your art!

playing 4 times through the story in a month is on me
forcing me is on You!

I wouldn’t say much if Your story-time took like 4 hours
But its taking 3 antisocial afternoons to unlock a new difficulty

“you keep your gear when traversing to TVHM” - Bl3

And be carefull, even aftet finishing tvhm and getting mayem back, you lose it again if you reset story.


And don’t reset it on M3, otherwise you can’t change after unless you beat a 3rd time, and you might not have a good time… or will you?

Im on mh1 now. Wish i could change it to 2.

Reset… NO WAY… I saved all side missions until I unlocked TVHM Mayhem. Now it’s great because you can toggle between NVHM/ TVHM freely. I’ve only played FL4k so far and the mere thought of doing all this with 3 more toons, at least for me, has zero appeal.