TVHM Play Through 2 Too Easy

Okay… we’ve completed playthrough 1, now at lvl 65, have farmed a really nice weapons buildout mainly from killing Megamind at Mayhem 5 or better. So most of our weapons are Mayhem 5. Some are Mayhem 10, from setting the game to Mayhem 10 and using the Eridian gun generator weapon to fire off legendary weapons.

Just stared TVHM - 2nd playthrough, at Mayhem 1. Waaay too easy. We both (2 players) ran through Holy Broadcast, no goons at exiting the complex either. Never even close to FFYL. No idea here, except to maybe set to Mayhem 5, etc., and go from there. Seems like an “artificial” solution - maybe I’m overthinking this. Ideas??

Using M10 gear at M1 difficulty will make the game easy.
Unfortunately with Mayhem 2.0 you don’t have to much choice. You need to play at higher Mayhem or don’t use Mayhem gear.


Welcome VH. If you are at 65 i’d adjust the mayhem up till it gets tough. Especially since you have some mayhem 10 gear. In any borderlands game gear can make a big difference.

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Thanks guys! We just found the farming easier than B-lands 1 or 2, so took advantage of that! Nice to be able to burn down a boss w/o FFYL, etc., but need to find the balance. That being said, we jumped into Wonton again, and got beat up pretty bad, so maybe depends on where you are in the game too? I mean Pandora seemed easy, but next world may not be? I’ll crank up the Mayhem levels and see what’s up :slight_smile:

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If I’m not mistaken there’s essentially no difference between NVHM and TVHM if you’re using any Mayhem mode.


You are correct on this.

To truly experience TVHM as intended sell all your mayhem leveled gear, turn off mayhem and guardian rank, and play. All gear and enemies will scale to 65 or higher based on enemy type.

That’s the purest TVHM experience you can get, and the best way to judge its difficulty on its own merit.

No wonder. TVHM is really just a 2nd playthrough and not inherently harder than Normal Mode, it just takes place at a higher level. In fact, once you play on Mayhem there’s literally no different between Normal Mode and TVHM.

So, effectively you just turned down the difficulty from Mayhem 5 to Mayhem 1 and kept using Mayhem 5+ weapons.

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Ah, k, thanks guys! We’re just used to B-lands 1 & 2. The “Stark” sniper rifles I now have beat out any “Volcano” sniper from B-lands 1, as I recall. “Wohan” was the most fun so far, getting overwhelmed, etc. We’ll mess with the Mayhem levels… tnx again!

I’m totally in agreement with this article. “I only want to farm at Mayhem level 10.” From there, I’m going to decide what actual level I’m going to play at. I really should not have that choice - to cheat, basically. In the end, B-ands 3 is not like B-ands 1 or 2 – where that was no choice. Ironically, farming Megamind is exactly what I did - I just found this article. To complicate even more, go to Wontan, and you have two choices: “easy” and “hard.” Add Mayhem - now you have 20 levels of difficulty.

This is because Mayhem 2.0 has overlapped True Vault Hunter mode as a ‘dificulty’ mode, not that TVH was that hard anyway, it just brought every enemy to the players level and little else. Just one of many examples of what Mayhem 2.0 has done to not only this game, but to the core of what a Borderlands game always was. Done with complete disregard to the consequences and ramifications of what it affects, which is a lot.

That is correct. Mayhem is a totally different difficulty level from nvhm and tvhm. Once you turn on mayhem those other 2 modes don’t matter at all.

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