TVHM Question about "reset"

What is the option to “reset missons” in TVHM? I thought everything got reset and you started over in TVHM. Am I missing something?

Oh yeah, noticed that. What is that all about?

Uhm. Yeah. It’s a. New playthrough

So new playthrough and you can get the xp/rewards once again?

I just did it to confirm

Though you won’t be able to kill shiv if you skip intro

It’s exactly the same as it was in Bl2 uvhm. All progress in your story/side quests will be gone and you’ll start over as you’ve never played tvhm.

Pretty cool though

I was hoping this option was back!

Wait, so the intro skip takes you straight to the ship? That’s, like, 100x better than when you start it and have to slog through everything before getting Mayhem 3 turned on.

Does it keep fast travel areas?

@Aceofgods no no it skips shiv fight.