TVHM quests, Starting UVHM, a Golden Chest, and Options

Good day fellow vault hunters. I am trying to figure a way I which I can make the Borderlands game system and the way I like to experience games meet in the middle. So, I turn to you experts.

I love doing all the quests and DLC in Borderlands 2. I get the most enjoyment out of exploring the world, and experiencing the journey rather than rushing to the end. The fist character I played I took the advice of others and started UVHM at level 50. But, a small part of me died inside knowing that there was so much that I could have been doing still in TVHM. Now that I have Borderlands 2 on my PS3 (rather than just on my Vita) I decided to start another Mechromancer. She is making her way through TVHM now.

What I would love to do is complete all the content in TVHM before starting UVHM, but all the warnings about starting UVHM at level 55 (or so) are in the back of my head. so, I am wondering what my options are.

I have tried to look at how the Golden keys work in TVHM, but I received contradictory answers. If I use them in TVHM at a level greater than 50 does the items in the chest spawn at my level, or are they capped at 50 ( just as the rest of TVHM is)? If they spawn at my level in TVHM then maybe I can solve this problem by using my keys (I have over 50) in TVHM before starting UVHM.

Another thought I had was to unistall all the DLC that increases the level cap, but I wonder if that will in an way screw up my current save. If I delete all the DLC content and then reinstall everything except those that increase the level cap will that screw my current mechromancer save up? I wonder that as the mechromancer is a DLC and not part of the main game. if I were to take this route what all DLCs would I need to leave uninstalled? Is it just the 2 upgrade packs (does raid on Digistruct Peak also supply the level cap increase?)? I have all story DLCs, headhunter packs, and skins (thanks to the awesome triple pack).

Any thoughts and advice from others would be greatly appreciated.


If you start UVHM at level 55, the issue is (I believe) that you will be carrying level 50 weapons. When you get to UVHM, this difference will be noticeable (enemies at ~55 and your gear at 50), hence the warnings. Technically, you only need to get to Sanctuary with this difference, at which point you can use the Golden Chest, tip your way to a Bad Touch/Good Touch, and maybe consider purchasing gear if Marcus’ machines are nice, but that will be a rough patch of highway. Maybe you’ll get lucky with some of the chest/weapon drops on the way, but that’s a long shot.

If I bring my OP8 character to TVHM and use the Golden Chest, the weapons come out OP8, so you should be able to pre-equip yourself in this fashion.

I did exactly what you are suggesting. I stayed in TVHM until around level 54 or 55 and finished nearly all of the content I had available at the time. I did use the Golden Chest to get weapons that are your characters level (not the level 50 play mode max) to make the switch to UVHM easier, and it did work. I also don’t regret doing that.

The problems I ran into are related to having your character be so much higher level than your surroundings (in TVHM level 50 max). After level 53 or so, the game starts dishing out STEEP penalties for being overpowered, such as not gaining any more experience, no more leveling up, and no more additional skill points at all. It also has a negative effect on rare loot drops, meaning that you’ll see far less of them then you did at level 50 or below.

It is the UVHM upgrade packs 1 & 2 (2 being the one that includes Digistruct Peak) that increase the UVHM level caps. Pack 1 goes up to level 61, and 2 goes up to 72 with OP levels. You can possibly reinstall the whole game without those, but you will lose any and all characters. Once those save game files are written to include content that is no longer there any more (even if you never use it), the game will read that as CORRUPTED and will refuse to load it.

My solution for wanting to play all the content at a leisurely pace is to let myself hit end-game level at 61, in UVHM (UVHM pack1, but not 2). It is far more friendly than trying to stay in TVHM, to be 100% honest about it. There are no penalties when you do this in UVHM. When I’m ready, I’ll get the upgrade 2 pack and continue my journey up to 72 or beyond.

Sorry if this is late,

I did something similar to what you suggested, I uninstalled my level cap raises to keep myself at 50. I was actually 51 and had started UVHM, but realised I wanted to finish some stuff in TVHH and so I removed just the lvl packs.

If you do so the rest of the dlc should work fine.

PS backup your save in case something goes wrong.