TVHM Relic farm location?

I was looking for somewhere I might be able to get a relic upgrade but all I really found was a relic farm that is UVHM specific. Is there anywhere to farm relics before UVHM? I would love to get a cooldown rate relic. I’m currently using one for +32% health which is OK I guess but I think more Phaselock might be better.

Christmas train always has relics. LLM’s drop the relics that help cooldown and increase incendiary/corrosive/shock damage (“heart of the ancients” relic if i recall correctly), so maybe farm the Doctor’s Order room? Those are my suggestions, maybe others have better ideas.

Edit: “Bone” of the Ancients. Just saw my Maya’s when farming Hot Mama’s.


I saw that when I was looking but I think it said it was only on UVHM. Is that not correct?

oh sorry, you are probably right. I have not played tvhm in a million years so did not factor that into my response. Apologies.

If I remember correct it’s true on TVHM, too.

The loot midgets can drop relics, but are also known to drop other legendary loot, like Flakkers or COMs. Once again, the problem is that the WEP doesn’t scale with you as you level up.

If you plan to farm it multiple times, step into the Natural Selection Annex and back out, so you can quit after the loot midget room and restart from the entrance to the Natural Selection Annex. That’ll save some time.

they only drop the ‘xy of the Ancients’ relics in UVHM.

i’m sure you might get a world drop relic out of them, but they’re not the place to farm for relics in TVHM.

Only place with guaranteed relic spawns i know of is the loot train.
Or maybe try farming warrior/sorcerer for a Conference call, i get ton of blue relics while doing that… :expressionless:


I’d also recommend the loot rain as the only place you ca reliably get relics. Though the golden chest does poop them out regularly, but much more random.

Good thing about relics is they are less level dependent than guns, the boosts in a relic can last levels and levels, so the train would be OK.


Though I will say I don’t pay much attention to relics.
In NVHM and TVHM, and most of UVHM I just use stockpile relics. The additional ammo is more valuable to me than the other boosts relics give.
When I run the Peak I use a Bone fo the Ancients, but that’s the only time I swap relics.
My approach is, more ammo is more damage broadly, not just in the ranges relics might boost damage.


I had a blue relic that increased SMG dmg by 87%. That seems pretty good but it’s the only one like that I have found so far. Seems like a relic that gives an increase like that is pretty useful which is what I have tried to use. I usually use the SMG one or another that increases health by 32% and I was hoping to find an AS cooldown buff as well. The Bone of the Ancients also seems pretty nice.

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I rely on Cat class mods for SMG boosts, of course on Maya. Usually gives me boosts to good skills also. Finding ones with more than 60% damage is pretty simple.

My first few playthroughs I also used health boost relics, thinking more health was axiomatically good. But over time I found, for me, that the health boost wasn’t really that important, 30-40% more health when yo get health-gated doesn’t make a difference, and so on. More Ammo, more damage, Good.


Just to clarify : the Ancients relics show up only at level 62, not just UVHM.


Really? You’re sure of this? Thats lame. I got them starting at level 51 but was only playing the UVHM pack 1 that came with the GotY edition for years and only recently(6/19/20) got the Handsome Collection. So what will happen to all of the Ancients relics I have between 51-61( about 60 of them) I have stored on my mules? Are they Gonzo? I will let you all know what happened to them. Im sure I’m the BL2 fan with the most austere poverty in the history of the franchise and this problem is likely unique to me.


Not anymore! :rofl:

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if I still know this game :sweat_smile:


they spawn at any level in uvhm :slight_smile: i’m sure

I hereby sentence you to start a boosted level 30 character and run them through TVHM and UVHM to at least level 72.

Get the game on XB1 and I’ll even join you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that would be epic.

(Not Epic)


I think they’re available at any UVHM level also, at least whatever level you’re at when you hit the WEP, 52-54 depending. I’ve got a level 53 corrosive bone in my stash, for example.
Legendary class mods from tubbies, now that’s behind lvl 61.

I just did a boosted character, and gosh, I still hate the lousy guns you get to start. At least in BL3 they allow you access to your transfer bank. Wasted 20 minutes doing various things to find some good guns before doing the warrior, still does save time.

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Maybe the dragons keep dlc,you do the first area go into the town then turn around a go back to the docks area,if you save quit there you will always start there,straight up the stairs from where you start is a chest next to the house then jump down to the ship and there will be another chest on the ship,both of them had high rates of blue and purple relics,how I got my rare blue chaotic evil monk for Salvador,now for Tvhm i’m not sure cause it’s been sometime.

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Just ran the Keep and I was getting relics from both chests on Tvhm after a few tries

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