TVHM/Reset mission progress?

So here’s where I am. Completed NVHM at about lvl40 and have begun TVHM with a view to getting to the current level 50 cap asap so that all pickups and rewards are at that cap. I am assuming that I can go back to the early game bosses once I hit 50 to farm them for their legendary drops and that they will have leveled up with me. So, what is the use/purpose of the “reset mission” progress button at the bottom of TVHM mode select screen?. Scared to press it in case it wipes progress of my NVHM mode playthrough too. That would be a bit upsetting wouldn’t it?.

Tl;Dr Why and when might the “reset mission” button be of use and most importantly does it wipe ALL progress or just my current playthrough?.

its only for true vault hunter mode

the reason you would want to reset is if you did a mission that gave you a unique item at level 40, then wanted one at level 50.
the only reason is to get the unique quest rewards, to make it short.

Does it wipe all progress though on that character?

it resets the story for that character. It does not reset any of the crew challenges, or your inventory, skills, and guardian rank.

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Thanks @jataupin. Much appreciated.

So it doesn’t just reset SIDE missions, it resets the entire story, meaning you have to run through the entire story again if you wanted to do a side mission from, say, Eden-6 again (assuming you did it your first time though at, say, level 45)?

So if you choose to replay the game in TVHM you have no chance of reacquiring legendary guns at a higher level? Like Ember’s Purge or Burning Scoville?

If they’re rewarded from completing a Crew Challenge, you can’t get them again as they’re one-time-only prizes. You’ll have to start a new character and not complete the Challenge until you hit maximum level if you want better versions.

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