TVHM Rest Missions

SO I finished TVHM and I wanted to play though some of the side missions again.
If I Reset Missions do I lose all the Fast Travel locations?
Is there a way just to reset the DLC missions?

It’s all or nothing, I’m afraid.

This is something I really thought they’d address this time around. Being able to reset to a specific chapter of the story would have been nice. In addition, why can’t we reset DLCs separate from the base game?

BL2 this wasn’t the case. You could reset the missions and carry on.
Taking away vertical split and this are my two biggest issues with this game.

I think you misunderstood my comment? I was trying to convey that a reset was all-encompassing in terms of missions and side quests - you couldn’t selectively reset a DLC or just the main story. BL2 worked exactly the same way, although in UVHM not TVHM.

I haven’t tried a reset in TVHM yet - not really progressed far in it - but you do at least carry over all your uncovered map areas from NVHM so I don’t see why you’d lose that on a reset.

The map progress carried over when I went from normal to TVHM. I would expect no less from the Reset Missions.
MY main concern is just the discovered planets and fast travel locations. If I reset, I do not want to have to discover all fast travel points again.
Can anyone answer that concern?

As far as I know, there’s no way to retain the fast travel locations after a reset. You gotta start from Pandora and find everything again. Although I have noticed that when you get the point in the story where you need to go to a certain place, it pops up sometimes as a fast travel location even though you haven’t taken Sanctuary III there yet.

I truly wish you could reset missions individually. This would be a HUGE bonus for me.

I just want a mission reset without Fast Travels wiped.
Just like BL2 allowed.