TVHM - Scaling, the quests are to low level


Sorry if this seems silly but I have a question I hope somebody could answer for me please. I have just finished TPS on normal for the first time having bought the handsome collection and then the Claptastic Voyage DLC. I finished as lvl 37 with a good haul of legendaries and I wanted to restart TVHM to test them out since most were gathered in the later stages of the DLC. I’ve just started though and the missions are “trivial”, that goes for the story missions and the side missions - so I haven’t picked them up so I can play through them at 50 if I want.

I have read that TPS quests scale pretty fast in TVHM so I was wondering if somebody could tell me when I will start getting missions/fighting enemies that are better suited? As to be honest I was hoping that at least the side missions would scale to my lvl if I picked them up as I don’t really want to play large portions of the game where I can’t lvl up or get better drops as it just feels a bit like a wasted opportunity.

Thanks for any assistance.

Yeah, it’s frustrating.

Sadly, the best thing you can do is rush through TVHM and kill the first Sentinel, and then everything will scale to your level, well, up to 50 I guess.

In normal and TVHM the quests’ levels (and their rewards) are all set. I don’t think the campaign scales to your level when you first start it - unlike what happens when you first enter a DLC.

I’d say just run through the main missions (and the side-missions that award the most exp) until they catch up to your own level.

Ok thank you for the replies.

Doing the DLC in normal definitely pushes you too high for the start of TVHM. There are set bends of possible levels for each main story quest in both normal and true, so yo can get some variation. The range is fairly small though (about 2-4 from memory). The main jumps are Build a Robot Army, Eye to Eye, and Beginning of the End.