TVHM Story Mode Playthrough and Annointed

I am sure this has been mentioned before…

There are no annointed in Normal Story mode playthrough before Billy. So what are annointed doing been encountered in TVHM Story mode before Billy?

Just a story inconsistency, a big one.

EDIT: MANN42, provided an intelligent explanation. Congratulations.

The issue is minor. An oversight by GBX.

What I did was to go into TVHM. After completing several missions, I activated Mayhem Mode 3. The important part:

Tannis explains Mayhem Mode as a simulation. Which would explain Annointed showing up in a Story-Breaking manner.

Nomally, in Nomal with Mayhem Mode (non-TVHM) all areas are accessible. Activating M3 after completing missions in TVHM introduced a minor discrepancy as no Annointed were encountered prior to Billy in Jakob’s Manor.

TVHM is billed bu GBX as a straight playthrough of Normal Story Mode, with more difficulty. Prior to activating M3, no Annointed encountered. Activating M3 upon completing a mission prior to encountering Jakob’s Manor will result in Annointed.

As Mayhem Mode is explained as a simulation, in-game by Tannis; it would be nice to see Story Missions playable in any order in Mayhem mode. With Unique mission rewards obtainable once per mode. Maybe give a little buff to the Unique mission rewards depending on difficulty if not already done. Annointed Chadd Gun if not already done, anyone?

Activating TVHM, AFTER running a mission or thre, and then activating Mayhem Mode will:

  1. Introduce Annointed prior to Billy in Jakob’s Manor.
  2. All areas not already reached remain inaccessible. Though one should be able to switch back to Normal Mode to access all areas.

It’s a minor oversight by GBX in the game logic. Well, maybe they’ll patch it for some more sanity. It’s not game-breaking.

Normal mode is story mode
TVHM is farming/challenge mode

Normal : Story > Gameplay
TVHM : Gameplay > Story


I’m doing STORY MODE on TVHM M3… in the STORY… you don’t see Annointed until Billy in Jakob’s Manor. That is the STORY PROGRESSION. It’s how, in the STORY, that GBX INTRODUCES for THE FIRST TIME, annointed.

Except that in the STORY on TVHM M3… Annointed are appearing before you are introduced to annointed in THE STORY.

It’s like picking up a book and being told the ending of the book, in the first few chapters.

TVHM M3 repeating THE STORY… has annointed before The STORY ever introduces you to annointed. Which is STORY BREAKING.

People who read, read books more than once. The STORY never changes. If any editor from a publisher ever treated STORY TVHM M3 as being written by an author? The author would be rejected.

Except it’s not, because this is a video game. Your second playthrough is entirely optional, it’s just a higher difficulty level. As someone said above, think of it like a challenge mode. It doesn’t need to be consistent, its purpose is to add new gameplay elements. In a book, if the hero dies they don’t get to respawn and try again. You’re thinking about this way too literally.

I thought the same thing.

It sorta breaks the immersion.

Think of it like a challenge mode? Like a challenge mode that forces me to play through a story with unskipable cutscenes?

Then what is mayhem mode for?

you should only be asking one question about the this, vault Hunter:



If the story isnt important why is it required to be played through again?

If the challenge was all that mattered why isnt TVHM just an open sandbox to run around through?

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Farming unique item linked to special mission?
Being less boring that pre mob bashing?

A lot of people agree that mission should be optional in TVHM, but you only have to clear it once for it to become said sandbox

Thats not an explanation for it being required. Rather, if farming a mission is the intent then any mission should be playable and replayable once the story is completed once.

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That’s the case.

Once you’ve finish the playthrough you can reset the mission to re-do them.

Hence why a lot of people find having to redo mission in TVHM tedious

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I mean, whatever?

If you play TVHM you know full well what Anointed are anyway. They could fix for the sake of consistency… or not. Whatever really.

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You also already have a shield and grenade mod. And the ability to break eridium. And to translate the alien writing. Oh no! The continuity!

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Muh gad… gaem ruined.

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Slightly different in terms or narrative.

Annointed enemies are a direct result of story events. Breaking Eridium and translating writings have no plot significance. Its just a thing you get to do at some point.

I don’t mean in TVHM. I’ve already played through the story on normal- at that point TVHM, if its purely just for challenge, shouldn’t force a linear story. And yet it does.

Likely it was easier to merely adjust spawns and enemy scaling than to rearrange things so missions could all be available at will and farmable.

They are things you get to do because of items you specifically find as part of the story. They are exactly as significant as anointed enemies, which could just as easily be described as ‘just an enemy type you get to start killing at some point.’

At the end of the day, many instances of New Game+ - and that’s what we’re essentially talking about here - necessarily have minor continuity discrepancies.


No reason to play through the story again, then.

TVHM Mayhem mode through the story is for the STORY to be more challenging and for better drops; it is not meant to be STORY-BREAKING.

A concept you are perhaps unfamiliar with.

There is no need for an option to go back through the story if done your way. Just play TVHM M3 without the story. Your way, Story mode on TVHM M3 is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

The only benefit would be obtaining certain Uniques. That would be obviated be including those uniques in loot pools after finishing the story. Even then, Legendaries and Annointed Purples are better.

If I used big “werds” and alien concepts that are unintelligible to you? Deal with it.

It is a minor continuity discrepancy. One should have been corrected before release. As posted in another post, before I saw yours…

Just noting a certain continuity discrepancy.

It is media. Entertainment media.

Books are one type. Superseded by television and film. Now, videogames mostly without the family all sitting around one computer staring at the tube.

Ah the days of playing with the family on the Atari 2600 or NES, passing the controller around…