TVHM Story Mode Playthrough and Annointed

I don’t mean in TVHM. I’ve already played through the story on normal- at that point TVHM, if its purely just for challenge, shouldn’t force a linear story. And yet it does.

Likely it was easier to merely adjust spawns and enemy scaling than to rearrange things so missions could all be available at will and farmable.

They are things you get to do because of items you specifically find as part of the story. They are exactly as significant as anointed enemies, which could just as easily be described as ‘just an enemy type you get to start killing at some point.’

At the end of the day, many instances of New Game+ - and that’s what we’re essentially talking about here - necessarily have minor continuity discrepancies.


No reason to play through the story again, then.

TVHM Mayhem mode through the story is for the STORY to be more challenging and for better drops; it is not meant to be STORY-BREAKING.

A concept you are perhaps unfamiliar with.

There is no need for an option to go back through the story if done your way. Just play TVHM M3 without the story. Your way, Story mode on TVHM M3 is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

The only benefit would be obtaining certain Uniques. That would be obviated be including those uniques in loot pools after finishing the story. Even then, Legendaries and Annointed Purples are better.

If I used big “werds” and alien concepts that are unintelligible to you? Deal with it.

It is a minor continuity discrepancy. One should have been corrected before release. As posted in another post, before I saw yours…

Just noting a certain continuity discrepancy.

It is media. Entertainment media.

Books are one type. Superseded by television and film. Now, videogames mostly without the family all sitting around one computer staring at the tube.

Ah the days of playing with the family on the Atari 2600 or NES, passing the controller around…

So you’re repeating what I said in a condescending tone? Whatever make you feel bigger in your pink underwears.

As I said, being forced to replay the story in TVHM is one of the annoying point, since there is no point to it at this point, and we’re just upgrading to TVHM for the challenge.

Though, asking for TVHM second story walkthrought to respect the logic of the story while it’s only a challenge mode still don’t make sense.

Which should have been reset, much like Annointed spawning in Story Mode TVHM M3… or at the very least, rewarded with being able to gather slightly more Eridium. Maybe given a unique for hitting all the Eridian writings again (this one could be more easily ignored).

It’s a minor discrpancy. There is no reason for story mode on TVHM M3 on Story Mode if the only point is loot and difficulty. It’s REDUNDANT.

The only benefit then becomes gaining the Uniques awarded from missions, which is more easily accomplished by adding them to loot pools after finishing the story mode on Normal.

What is the difference between Story Mode on Normal, as compared to Story Mode on TVHM M3… besides obtaining Unique mission rewards? Rewards that are more easily added to loot pools once Story mode is finished on Normal?


  1. GBX left Story Mode on TVHM M3 unfinished.


  1. It is completely unnecessarry, with Unique mission rewards that would be obtainable by adding them into loot pools after completing the story the first time around.

Option 2. making completing Story Mode on TVHM M3… REDUNDANT and UNNECESSARY. In other words, a waste of time other than to obtain some Unique mission rewards. Then running into the 50 slot bank limit while running taking 30 minutes to get a new character to Sanctuary just for their bag space.

It’s more akin to:
Standard Mode :Reading the book at your own pace.
TVHM : Choose your own adventure version of the same book.

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Except that you don’t choose your own adventure like in Villains of Volturnus. This is not Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 4 with playable factions, after all.

Though it would be interesting to side with Tyreen, eventually even deposing her to become The Destroyer. Star Wars: Dark Forces II - IIRC - did that with Kyle Katarn.

Every mission in B3 plays out the exact same way in results.

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Flakker got the nerf.

hopefully we’ll see more Mr. Torgue in DLCs.

Note the same, you may discover that you can actually kill the old dude in “Feeble and the furious” for alternate ending. This one made the whole walkthrough worth it

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Eh, TVHM is supposed to be a more challenging version of NVHM, so having anointed from the start is fine. When you find mayhem mode in NVHM she even says that it messes with dimensions and can have unintended side effects - well, there you go. Now some other dimension has fully decked out Vault Hunters and a bunch of anointed running around.

The real problem is just that the anointed are un-fun to fight against. Hard, sure, but you can design things to be challenging AND fun. That’s not what anointed are - they’re just annoying. So having to deal with more of them seems to make people salty, but if they were actually fun to fight you wouldn’t see nearly as many complaints.

Also, I really hope that they fix the unskippable cutscenes. I wouldn’t mind having to run through the whole of TVHM again and again for item farming if I didn’t have to watch any of the awful cutscenes or engage in the ■■■■ story in any way after the first time. I don’t even like rolling new alts - the story is that grating to me. The game is fine - but everything related to the story could disappear after the first playthrough and I’d absolutely love it.

Also, make Mayhem active in TVHM for consoles at the start. That would also help explain anointed showing up early, since you’ll have the dimensional bending machine on your ship.

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these items you get… Do they exist because a main storyline character is dead and her powers absorbed by the antagonist?

Its not the same. Which is why having annointed early on are so jarring for some.

Having them isnt a convenience (like it is being able to translate and crack open crystals), its a pretty glaring story inconsistency.

For the purposes of logical continuity they are contingent upon equally relevant story points. Points where the protagonists/antagonists obtain a new ability.

sure. but one really stands out over the others. In one case you obtain a McGuffin item that has no bearing on the story. Obtaining either item could be completely glossed over or handled in a different manner without changing much of anything, as their existence is primarily to give players access to side activities. The other is a direct result of a character death that ups the ante on the antagonist’s threat.

Having access to the abilities changes nothing other than access to side activities. The existence of Annointed prior to Maya’s death and their introduction is a glaring discontinuity, and serves no purpose other than to offer enemies to fight- which can be done without annointed (just drop in some badass mobs or similarly powerful enemies).

Yes, both are discontinuities. But only one is really problematic from the perspective of storytelling.

Neither greatly affects the story and thus neither are particularly problematic from the perspective of storytelling. Maya is inconsequential. Citing her death certainly sounds grandiose, but ultimately it’s just the antagonists obtaining a MacGuffin that has little bearing on the story. Spawning an anointed that manages to kill a player is the antagonists’ equivalent of the player opening a bedazzled chest and getting a legendary.


The whole point is that there is a discrepancy in Story Mode whether it is in Normal or TVHM mode.

In Story Mode on Nromal, Annointed are not introduced until you reach Jakob’s Manor. In Story Mode on TVHM, Annointed are already present. An oversight by Gearbox.

TVHM makes things harder. Then there is no in having TVHM Story Mode otherwise, other than to collect Unique mission rewards which are superseded by Legendaries and Annointed loot.

Story Mode on TVHM M3 becomes redundant and unnecessary other than collecting Unique blues to put in limited bank space you will need for other Legendaries. Or run a bunch of alts to Sanctuary and stop, so as to utilize their bag space.

The argument that “TVHM is for greater difficulty and loot”… well, we already have TVHM without needing to run through Story Mode on TVHM M3.

None of the Unique mission rewards come with Annointed perks as far as I know. I already have a level 50 Porcelain Grenade. Why do Story Mode on TVHM M3? There is no benefit.

The simple point is, in case missed it, is that GBX committed an oversight. I simply pointed it out.

What else?

Sirens = The 5th Element, everyone knows about the Atlas Zorg Guns, and The Destroyer is the ultimate evil from The 5th Element set to come out every 200 years. Why, they even have the pedestals and stones. Gbx did a great job of adapting The 5th Element to videogame while avoiding the IP and copyright issues.

GBX hopefully will patch their oversight of breaking their own story in regards to continuity and maybe even offer upgraded versions of the Unique mission rewards for completing story mode in TVHM M3. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Of course it would.

For completeness of the game. B3 is 95% complete other than balancing. Fun game. It’s not the disaster of other releases of other games (thinking Fallout 76). B3 gets the 9.5/10 from me.

Simply fix the minor issues and figure out a way to balance the specs.

And hopefully they will take care of that scripting bug I found in Story Mode that broke one of their missions completely. Story-breaking AND GAME-BREAKING.

Best answyer.

You are right.

That explains Annointed showing up early in Story Mode TVHM M3 early. Thank you for an intelligent response. You perfectly explain how Annointed show up early in Story Mode TVHM using Mayhem.

Mayhem mode is a combt simulation and is explained that way in the game.

You have provided the perfect explanation.

Mayhem mode is a simulation as explained in the game. Technically, no Story Mode replay on TVHM Mayhem mode should include Annointed in any Mayhem mode. Yet, since Mayhem mode is explained as a simulation? Perfectly acceptable.

As it stands, if you immediately go into Story Mode TVHM and set Mayhem Mode 1-3, you have to complete each area to unlock other areas.

In that case, GBX should make Story Mode missions on Mayhem, replayable in any order by selecting from a menu to load simulations. Instead of having to run through the whole thing from beginning to end to unlock areas.

The order would be:

  1. Straight playthrough on Story Mode to unlock areas.
  2. Straight playthrough on TVHM to unlock areas.
  3. Story Mode on TVHM with any Mayhem level - Mayhem being a simulation according to in-game information; Being able to select Story missions from Mayhem mode in any order.

Though on number 3, I’d restrict Unique Mission Rewards to being obtainable only once in each Mayhem mode, buffing the unique mission rewards depending upon on the level of Mayhem.

A Porcelain grenade should be a little more powerful if obtained on Mayhem 3 than on Mayhem 1. Or perhaps even Annointed if they don’t already have that.

As for the unskippable cut scenes? Agreed.

Than ks again for a great answer. Something I obviously missed.

Already done :slight_smile: Twice. But it doesn’t change the outcome of the ending of B3.

I think GBX wants you to kill the dude. It’s just a matter of how much abuse you are willing to take.

Much like Tyreen offering you a gun to kill yourself. Yeah, total guns**t.

Anyway, Mann42’s post led to a satsfactory answer, mostly.

Mayhem Mode is explained as a simulation in the game by Tannis.

What I did was start TVHM with no Mayhem. I activated Mayhem 3 when arriving on Eden 6.

Normally, on Mayhem Mode 3… all areas are accessible. Activating M3 after completing missions in TVHM on a 2nd playthrough makes all areas inaccessible until you unlock them. While introducing the discrepancy.

There is:

(I only listed 3 in the reply to Mann42)

  1. Story Mode 1st playthrough. All areas not accessible until unlocked.
  2. TVHM Story Mode 2nd Playthrough. All areas not accessible until unlocked.
  3. Mayhem Mode. All areas accessible.
  4. Story Mode TVHM Mayhem mode with a story discrepancy, All areas inaccessible until unlocked. Plus, I broke a mssion script that temporarily halted game progress. The solution was to run through an entire zone of Annointed and Badass Grid Square Annihlators without dying, to the next area. Fortunately, Maya respawned in the Basilica.

It was the switching to Mayhem mode AFTER running a couple of story missions on TVHM, that introduced the discrepancy and made previous areas accessible, inaccessible. It’s an oversight by GBX.

There is really no difference running TVHM M3 and Story Mode TVHM M3 other than obtaining Unique mission rewards. Again, switching Mayhem Mode 3 AFTER running a few Story missions in TVHM, introduced the discrepancy.

Maybe switching back to Normal Mode M3 will make areas accessible again. I’ll try that later.

Would be nice if they offered upgraded Unique mission rewards, at least once, when doing Story Mode on higher difficulties, even Annointed versions of Unique Mission rewards like the Chadd Gun and Porcelain grenade. I don’t know if that is possible, however.

Wow - the words trolling and pedantic come to mind. Personally I’m glad there are anointed from the start of TVHM since they can drop anointed legendaries.