TVHM Thorny Ol' Rosie Question?

What exactly is the mechanic behind getting the final story mission, The Beginning of the End to be a level 50 mission? Because I’ve gotten the last 3 characters I’ve played up to level 50 well before getting that mission, and only one of them hasn’t gotten it at level 48.

I’ve only got 1 character left to do it with, so this isn’t really that big of a deal, but it’s something that just bugs me. It feels like this mission just should be max level for TVHM automatically.

You have to be level 50 BEFORE you turn in the mission ‘Eye to Eye’.

I was level 50 before accepting the mission ‘Watch Your Step’ the mission before ‘Eye to Eye’, with Athena, Claptrap and Jack. One of them got the final mission at level 50.

Well then I don’t really know how then. That was what worked for me and that was the general consensus of the community.

Just a question. Were you power leveled to 50 before you started TVHM?

No. Beat Normal mode with all of my characters leveling as they went. Athena, Claptrap, Jack and Aurelia all did the DLC areas in normal mode. Nisha and Wilhelm were already in TVHM before the DLCs came out.

Claptrap did get some power leveling from 41 to 50, but that was well after he was in TVHM. Athena and Jack, I just grinded them to 50 the hard way.