TVHM to UVHM transition timing

I have read various things about this and the basic idea from what I gathered is that you don’t want to level much beyond 50 so you don’t end up with under-leveled gear for UVHM. I’m currently just a hair into 49 and I just got the final mission “The Talon of God” to head into Hero’s Pass. Just curious if I should just complete this which I assume will take me to 50 and just immediately start UVHM or maybe go snag a Pimpernel before completing this (or maybe after) or maybe some other items?

I haven’t done any of Oasis so I would need to progress through however much of the story to get to the Pimpernel so not sure it’s worth the time considering how close I am to 50 already. Thinking it might be better to just complete TVHM, switch to UVHM and then hit Oasis immediately and/or some of the other DLC before getting into the UVHM story too much? Other suggestions?

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My suggestion is to finish TVHM and do the Marcus DLC at the first opportunity. The loot train is refarmable and should keep you stocked with on-level gear.

After that, there’s nothing to say against going back to TVHM and getting a Pimpernel. It’s a very good sniper rifle indeed, but it’s not a must.


i would say go for it and get pimps, sandhawks, bee,legendary siren (in loot train), harold, fastball and others.

But maybe it is just me since i finished campaign in 72 using level 50 sandhawks and bee among others.

and maybe difficult for you.

anyway there are really good farms at the start of the game, if you feel that your gear is underleveled you can always try to farm a hornet, harold and fastball.

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Are you saying to do that in TVHM after completing story but before starting UVHM or after starting UVHM?

tvhm. i wouldn’t touch sandhawks and pimps until i get to 80 since you can only do it once.

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By the time I do all that in TVHM (when I will already be 50) won’t that push my level up into the 50’s and make my transition to UVHM more of a PITA or will it not matter so much to have a few levels into 50?

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it will, but you are maya (and spec in ruin, converge and cloudkill). you won’t feel the difficulty.

I would suggest going to UVHM and at least starting - the first bit isn’t too bad. Decide what you want most out of the level 50 weapons and grab that, then keep going. Remember that you can switch between modes at any time by hitting character select at the main menu.

Wait. I thought you could reset everything in UVHM and get multiple versions? BL2 is so confusing… o.O

you can but it will reset all the progress you have and you will be back in windshear waste.


OK, I thought maybe I was missing something again. That was sort of why I was thinking maybe switching to UVHM then doing the DLC first so I can get the items while actually leveling in UVHM. Then later on after I complete the story on UVHM I can reset it and get a higher level version.

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yeah you can do that. open up also the tiny tina dlc, so you can farm bee in the forest and unlock the mission item grog nozzle.

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Uhm, Nat, while this :point_up: is impressive as hell, it’s not exactly the beginner-friendly method :laughing:
Aside: darn, you are good!

And me :raising_hand_man:

Not at all, you got it right.

The Forest is the second map of the Tiny Tina DLC, so it’s not even a long detour.

As an aside, there is no set-in-stone way for the transition. I tend to visit the loot train first, ever since @paulothead recommended that to me as a way of gearing up, but starting with the Tiny Tina DLC is just as well. The main point (for most) is to not be facing level 56ish UVHM enemies with only level 50 gear.

That’s for most. And then there’s @nat_zero_six:innocent:


I am just stating that it is doable and anyone can do it.

Anyways pardon my old age, as the saying goes if you want to teach a boy to swim, you just throw him in the water full of crocodiles.


I’ll add that you really don’t have to worry about being underpowered until you’ve hit lvl 53 with lvl 50 guns and you start getting level-based damage reduction, then your weak weapons get weaker. So finish story, do Scarlett, and I expect you’ll be barely (if at all) lvl 51 and just fine.


Too late! My OCD about being efficient has prompted me to immediately move to UVHM. After defeating Warrior it pushed me over to 50 and I just switched to UVHM so that everything I do will count towards XP in UVHM and my gear stays on track.

After reading everyone’s feedback and other info I have come to the conclusion that the best approach is to:

-start UVHM at 50 so all XP counts.
-work on DLC content first to get items associated with that content first and because I haven’t seen/completed a lot of it anyway.
-after DLC is done complete main story with maybe a few specific side missions along the way.
-after completing the story I can reset and do the DLC again for higher level versions of the DLC and depending on my level do story/side missions again to finish leveling and/or get higher level mission rewards or farmed items.

I have already started with the loot train as my first DLC so I can get a good baseline of level 50 UVHM items then moving to Tina DLC and the rest. Hopefully, after doing all that I will be of to a good start with moving through the game again with some good items.

Does anyone know far the DLC + story takes you as far as XP if starting at 50? Will that take me to end level or will I need more than 1 run through UVHM to max my level?

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Not even close.

The level cap is now 80, of course. That’s thirty levels you have to climb to reach max level. And levels are harder to come by in UVHM.

If you did no DLC you’ll end UVHM at lvl 56-57. Adding all the DLC and you might be lvl 63-65.
And still need to grind out 15 more levels to be max.

It’s a loooong slog from level 50 to level 80.

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For some reason I was thinking the cap was 72 and you only got to 80 doing that other content (Digistruct Peak or whatever it is…no clue about that content tbh) but I guess I was thinking of OP levels. Yeah, I guess 80 is a long, long way to go. hah.

Yes it was, but then they gave us the Fight for Sanctuary DLC last year, pushed it to level 80 then 10 OP levels.
So if you consider each OP leveling, you’ve got to make it to OP 10 (I have not) you’ve got 40 levels to go.

That’s at least 10 levels too many!

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