TVHM Wilhelm: why is it so hard?

I seriously don’t get why this is so hard. This was not hard in story mode at all. The quest is level 37. I’m 38…so it’s difficulty is “normal”. You can’t avoid his attacks very well and the drones are just never ending. If he hits you it’s pretty much insta-gib. If you die, you get thrown into a corner where the drones immediately attack you at the spawn point and if you even survive you have to start with low health, waste ammo and there is no vending machine to replenish after you die.

I try to stay moving the whole fight but eventually his rockets hit you and/or he just jumps on top of you. There isn’t really any cover. I can keep his shields down OK with a shock sniper but trying to do sustained corrosive damage while running away isn’t effective. WTF am I doing wrong?

I just can’t do it. Not even close. I can only get him to about 60% health before I run out of ammo and just die repeatedly. I guess I have to go get more XP and over level myself to get past it? Seems sort of ludicrous at this stage of the story. Jesus christ. I can’t believe how much harder this is than BL3 on M10 at max level.

Slag. And an x2 hornet from knuckledragger or a double pen Harold from savage Lee.

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And if RNG’esus if not with you. Try the teapot from tina Tina :slight_smile:


Yeah. I was going to try the teapot I guess. It just makes no sense because I had a corrosive SMG that has been shredding but it just doesn’t do enough damage to him. Maybe because it’s level 34 and Wilhelm is 40 which makes me wonder why his level is 3 levels above the quest level. Doesn’t make much sense. I thought bosses were usually on level or one level above the quest…not 3. In any event my corrosive gun is 6 levels below boss level so maybe that’s my issue.

Depends on the type of boss. Wilhelm is in the category that puts him at +2 over player level.

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Its been a while but I’m not sure if the magic missile slags him efficiently enough to take him down in one or two clips. I may have used the grog/ruby or pimpernel.

This is True mode. Level 37. So unlikely.

Otherwise : grenades. As many as you have. Contraband Skyrocket if you have, telsa or a corrosive AoE. You have a half dozen chests nearby to the right you can get more from once you’re out.

Stick near the chest where you first drop down so you can side step his barrages. Make sure you get the surveyors as soon as they show although an AoE grenade may take care of them.

Failing that there’s always a Norfleet :stuck_out_tongue:

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I actually put my Contraband back in the bank because I have been using a selection of other nades to match health bars and heal. I have a slag + transfusion, shock + transfusion etc…I thought the slag would do the trick but even with that it doesn’t seem to work (I assume because my SMG is too low to damage him effectively at 34 when he is 40). Maybe need to get my Contraband back out of the bank.

Even the chests are hard to loot because if I stand still for 1 second to open the damn things I get destroyed from rockets and lasers or he just sits there getting healed and I lose ground so just a never ending cycle. I also tried staying in that little alcove but then if you go down you can’t hit anything for second wind. I assume this will go better if I get an on level gun from Tina.

The Teapot should help and be about the right level. One can try to get a Storm Front from the Splinter Cell mission. Those shred most shields in the game.

If it has to be a SMG, tipping Moxxi for a Bad Touch is an option, though on cost of not being able to get one later.

Apart from that, in TVHM one can’t farm for on-level legendaries, so spending a few golden keys (as VaultHunter101 recommended) to get gear is a good plan.

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Also The Dust has leveled up to lvl 35 at this point (and stays there, bug) so you can get lvl 35 Lyudas from Gettle.

A vl 35 lyuda will destroy TVHM Wilhelm in one or two mags.

I also usually have a Storm Front from the Ninjas, I toss 3 right before he emerges and that takes his shield out.

When I see a DPUH, I groan. Too high ammo usage, even for a Gunzerker.

However, my Gunzerker kills Wilhelm easily, even up to OP3 (can’t kill those {bad-word} assassins at the very end…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t The Good, The Bad And The Mordecai available after one kills Wilhelm and finishes A Train To Catch?

Maybe I should alter my mission sequence, because a Lyuda really helps against Wilhelm. :thinking:

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You are correct, but you can drop back into NVHM and get one (I should have said that).

And speaking of that, the Good Bad and Mordy opens up after you remove the old power core and before you put in the bogus one.
So you can go farm Lyudas before you go meet the Thresher and do the staged battle at Overlook. I didn’t notice that for the first few runs, knowing it really helps.

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So after beating my head against a wall over and over and losing 100k in ammo and death cost last night…tonight I completed the Tina quest for the teapot and also in the process found an explosive rocket launcher.

Went back and killed him first try using my same slag/leech nade + teapot/launcher so I guess it was my lower level weapon after all. I think the explosive launcher was even more effective than the teapot actually.

The teapot and launcher are both 37 and the SMG I was using before was 34. Crazy how much difference those 3 levels made (especially considering I leveled again since last night so Wilhelm was even higher level than last night.

Still finding the overall difficulty of TVHM in BL2 absurdly difficult just going through normal mobbing. BL3 at max level on M10 is so easy compared to this I can’t even believe it. I feel like I have zero survivability or crowd control. I can kill things fine but frequently there are so many mobs I just can’t avoid damage and phaselock (unlike phasegrasp with TTB) just does nothing to help me survive.

I had over 100k in cash before starting Wilhelm and now I’m so broke from dying constantly I can’t even buy gear upgrades from vending machines. lol. I’m thinking UVHM might be out of the question for me if it’s already this difficult in TVHM. Jesus.

This is so opposite to my experience, I feel like I’m peering in to a parallel universe.

Maybe part of it is your build? Fill out the skill tree here than copy/paste the link.

I’d also note that first time through is always rougher in any game, simply because you don’t know the maps and mission flow as well. The scaling is different, but Maya shouldn’t be struggling too hard in TVHM.

You can find the build here:

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Wow , so much discussion for a story boss . just bring some corrosive cloud or tesla + a slag gun from marcus . i always did it this way and it kill wilhelm pretty quickly with no danger . harold too obviously .

for uvhm , i suggest simply use harold and fastball to completely carry your way until max level

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