Tvhm without mayhem gearbox

How can you do that? How can you make it that I have to play the entire story again, to have any fun? (I like a challenge, which this game lacks severely without mayhem mode) What a joke. Severely disappointed. My only true complaint thus far.

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Looks like console only bug, seen similiar topics on this forum.

So is it an actual bug? I searched a bit and must not have searched well. I saw loads of conflicting responses. And it’s quite saddening, truely. If it’s a bud, I’m bummed I have it.

Console can’t activate it, PC can. For some reason GBX has stayed completely silent on the issue. Im assuming its a bug on the console side going off of other peoples posts. Plus we kept all the other vault artifacts in TVHM, we should keep the mayhem one too. Im holding off on doing TVHM until they address the issue.

I’m just let down on endgame difficulty. Tvhm with m3 is incredibly easy.

yeah, i’m running through tvhm right now for some level 50 uniques that i want and I’m WAYYYYY overpowered. I literally kill everything in a couple of shots

Yeah it’s lame. I farmed normal mode to have some good gear to go have fun in tvhm m3 stoey playthrough. Now I just feel like I’m playing normal mode…