TVHM Zer0 v Bandit Circle Video of livestream

Decided to go ahead and steam my playing of Zer0 through the Bandit Circle of Slaughter in TVHM as part of my TVHM playthrough with him. This will be my first time doing this mission in TVHM, and my first time doing so with Zer0 as well.

Livestream link:
Video of Livestream:

I should start momentarily if this was just posted, will edit the OP with a link to the resulting video after I finish.

Apparently I wasn’t quite getting enough upload for 60FPS which resulted in some annoying stuttering problems with the video (sorry about that, but I didn’t want to stop and fuss with the setup and I thought things were fine as they appeared to be when I started the stream up). According to my math I should have just enough bandwidth (with some headroom for overhead), but I guess not? I’ll try and see if I can solve the problem before I do the Creature Slaughter Dome down the road, which might mean I have to settle for 30FPS (which would be lame).

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