Tw0 fang. In depht question

I’ve read that two fang has no effect on weapons with fire rate past 10.0, but this doesn’t include weapons which are being boosted past that point. What does it do in that situation? Let’s say I have a butcher with 7.0 fire rate. I boost it with a chaotic evil rogue com (+35%) and my bar (currently +9.1%) so the fire rate would then theoretically be ~10.1.
7+(70.35)+(70.091)= 10.087

So should I go two fang or not? I would like to hear some reasoning whether or not. Also I’m on peasant platform with 30fps, do the limited frames per second cap the firerate? Thanks in advance.

Whatever you read means that two fang dosen’t work on weapons that are firing at 10 shots/sec, it dosen’t matter how they got to that fire rate.

With some testing today I noticed that even with the chaotic evil rogue com, the fire rate is boosted signifigantly By tw0 fang. I tested it with a weapon with 30 mag size and 8.2 base fire rate so the theoretical fire rate with the boosts would be ~11.82, but still 10 points in tw0 fang was emptying the magazine about 0.42 seconds faster. I know two fang is random but this is an average of 15 tests. I feel like the chaotic evil is not boosting the fire rate by 35%, it seems to be lower.

I am clueless when it comes to high FRs with this skill as I primarily use it for slow guns (to ridiculous levels with the drunk effect) so this makes me quite curious. Are you able to add the Shadow of the Seraphs Relic? It is additive with Tw0 Fang and can indeed give you a 100% (99% with 10/5 Tw0 Fang and a perfect OP8 Relic) chance of double shotting.

System and FPS are important to this however. FR is always rounded down to the nearest eligible cap which FPS can be fully divided with. At 30 FPS there’s nothing between 10 and 15 so if it would end up at 11.99 it still would be only 10. At 60 there 10 and 12 but even with 11.99 it would still end up being 10 in reality.
That is something to keep in mind.

Yeah I could go for 11/5 tw0 fang and shadow of the seraphs relic and do the testing then. Propably coming back to this tomorrow.

IIRC, and I don’t think I’ll be able to find evidence to back this up (its still stuck in limbo I think), the reason people say 2F dosen’t work past 10 FR isn’t because it actually stops working, but because it reaches a break point and dosen’t give nearly the DPS it does below that threashold.