Tweaked BA rank cheating ? or sanctioned?

tweaked BA rank cheating ? or sanctioned ?

The cheatingest.

I’m only a we fella but perhaps I too could be a giant among the the tiny eh…?.

Play the game and the BAR will come…


the fair thing to do would be to cordon BA cheaters to themselves and Ba rank removed to enter general pop. ( as a price). now I’m being forced to do this to remain competitive ( I paid my dough like the rest) but past experience has shown me this : most of my friends in quit playing through boredom after omnipotence and invulnerability in Ba 2. same in Ba 1. I cannot find if the devs. sanction these tweaks

I think they re just letting it play out, which is probably near heinous for such a game.

They do not. Check the forum rules - any use of software or other hacks to artifiicially level up, boost BAR, or obtain gear other than through playing the game is considered cheating by GBX and, since it violates the terms of use for consoles, is not ok to discuss on the forum.

I think the rules should be laid out in the FAQ, no?

It is most certainly considered cheating.

With your other thread about gibbed and then this, I strongly advise you read through the rules.

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