Tweaks that could make a better game

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing the game quite a while now and here’s some suggestions of ways it could be improved.
What do you all think?

  1. Have a way point everyone can see on the map.

  2. Be able to change your character in game anywhere.

  3. More quick change stations.

  4. More trophies to earn to keep people playing. why not have a trophy for finding every red chest, one for every echo log and one for completing everything 100%.

  5. Being able to revive your team mates pet.

  6. Being able to fast travel while still in a vehicle (just leave the vehicle behind if needs be)

  7. Have the catch a ride access screen on both sides of the console so you don’t have to keep walking round to the other side to access it.

  8. Better loot in the vending machines please.

  9. Give us something to spend all the eridium on! More skins, heads etc in Earls shop for example.

  10. Setting items as junk in your bank should keep them as junk always unless you physically change them as the problem I found when I transferred them to my backpack they didn’t stay as junk.

  11. Why not have a mod shop on sanctuary where you can spend eridium or cash and upgrade items in it (weapons, grenade mods etc) like adding an extra element to a gun or upping the mag size, damage etc

  12. Give us a bigger ammo backpack size. Sometimes I can nearly empty my whole backpack ammo on a few big enemies. Or make the guns stronger which could be done in the mod shop. Even the new guns available in mayhem 2.0 are wasting the complete backpack ammo and I feel eventually will put people off playing.


i really like a lot of these ideas, surprised a lot of them arent in the game yet besides the mod/change anywhere (unless you meant cosmetics only)

Some of these would be pretty great. Id love to swap characters while in-game. But it seems so many things require a quit to menu…changing characters, changing to tvhm, reloading enemies and bosses

Ive wanted an eridium sink for sure too. There’s nothing to spend it on so it doesn’t feel exciting to get anymore. Even a simple “Trade 500 eridium for a guardian rank” would be enough to me, or just letting us re-roll an item’s stats for a price, as if it dropped fresh

Mind if I keep adding to the list?

  1. Let us mark an item already on the ground as junk before we pick it up, so we don’t have to re-sift through our backpack in menus and mark all as junk if we want to use “sell all junk” at vending machines

  2. Increase money visual counter in menus to 999,999,999 or even its true cap of 2,147 billion

  3. Let us refund a single point in skilltrees instead of having to reset it from the beginning if we make a mistake

  4. Let us group all same items together in bank sorting options. Like if I want to find all my Lobs and group them next to each other…but there’s currently NO way to do that, they will usually be separated in some way or another no matter what sorting option you currently choose

  5. Gear and skill loadouts we can save and reapply

  6. Add door on our vault hunter’s room on sanctuary so 90 NPCs don’t come in and talk 1 foot away from us/block our door exit

  7. Mute button for NPC chatter on Sanctuary (or just for Pippie!!!)

  8. Stats page, like “lifetime skags killed: x” “lifetime bandits killed: x” “total account deaths:” “total damage done:” “lifetime money/eridium earned:” “distance travelled:” “kills with corrosive weapons:” things like that are always fun to me

Yes to have a quick change station on most areas so you can change your head, skin etc

I like all your suggestions as well.
The amount of times I’ve got stuck trying to get in or out of my room on sanctuary is incredible. Most times if I’m stuck in I just fast travel to the fast travel point on sanctuary.
Love the junk item suggestion when there on the ground and the skill tree point options.

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Your characters have a different story progress
You can’t just swap them in the game where 1 of the characters didn’t even get to the map or NPC yet

Yes you can. I have joined social games and friends games that are at a different progression into the story than me and when I go back to playing the story solo when I get to that point it gives you the option to skip the missions you have already done previously.
So the option to change character in game would be great instead of having to keep quitting the game and reloading in! Especially when your playing with friends it’s a real pain.