Twelve hours for nothing

Just spent twelve straight hours farming Takedown trying to get a Kyb’s 160 Splash for Moze, and nothing.

I understand that some drops need to be less common than others but this is insane.

How many playthroughs do I need to do? a thousand? a million?

I don’t want to hear about numbers and odds, because what ever the numbers are… they suck and need to be adjusted.

I don’t think it’s at all being unreasonable to expect twelve hours of grinding to payoff. Especially with Wotan as he is not an easy quick farm.

This is the last game I will ever play with random drops.


How dare you have this opinion this is not some game you play for fun it’s a damn job a job you payed $80 for!!! :wink:


Btw I agree with you sorry was just joking around to try to make you feel better lol


Takedown has been broken since the shakedown ended, don’t even bother with it anymore. It’s too much work for too little reward. In the time it takes to run the Takedown I can kill Traunt 40-50 times and have a bag full of Kaosons!

BTW Kaoson deals splash on both the projectile and the explosion, might want to give one of those a try :slight_smile:


Yeah I plan on getting a few of those but they don’t come with a +160 Splash after Iron Bear Exit which is why I really want an M10 Kyb’s with that Anointment for my Moze Character.

It’s really frustrating to offer that anointment, and then make it so friggin hard to get to drop.

With the introduction of more anoints, they’ve made it even more difficult to get specific items. They need to get rid of some of the worthless anoints to improve the chance of the others.

Definitely slide and airborne. Who slides with a sniper rifle?


The anoint pool will go back down when the new Cartel anoints go away in a few weeks.

Has anyone been able to get a Kaison from Traunt since the Prometia loot event started yesterday? I tried last night and got squat.

Edit: and yes, Takedown is not worth the effort right now. However you can kill the bottom half and let the top half kill you, rinse and repeat. That way you still get some loot and don’t have to run through the Valkyries over and over.

I farmed traunt for about 90 minutes today and got 4. None with the annointment I wanted though :confused:


That’s disheartening, but good to know he is actually dropping it right now. I should probably just turn to the trading forums and see if anyone wants one of these lvl 57 M0 Wedding Invitations.

Traunt is dropping the Kaoson but his drop pool is polluted with world drops from the event. Even when I get a Kaoson, it’s either a crappy anoint or it’s kinetic.


You on xbox? If so what annoint you after? I’m going to be farming him till I get every element x2 with sntnl cryo100 and fully automatic so I’m sure I’ll come across heaps I won’t use lol.

Yep yep xbox. Would love a RAD 100% SNTL Cryo if you run across one. Lol, kind of a god roll request, I know. Wouldn’t mind a 160% splash for my Moze either.

GT: Renfried Beans

I’ll let you know if I come across either.

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Simple fix since we know, based on M6 weapons, that they can control drops by mayhem level: class mods, grenades (currently) and shields do not scale in mayhem they should not be in the loot pools above M6 since they are not Mayhem 6+ drops.

This is what is killing me with Traunt currently that I get 4 drops from him but at least 3 of the 4 and usually all 4 are shields and class mods that aren’t worth the M10 effort to get.


Started again this morning. Did another two and a half hours and didn’t get even one Kyb’s
of any kind to drop.

Did they disable all Kyb’s drops now because I started this thread at about 2 A.M. and now they
don’t drop at all?

Also when I tried Traunt yesterday I got zero Kaoson drops in about ten tries and gave up.

My impression of the Kaosan is that I get one every ~ 15 runs seems to be the frequency.

I’ll try again.

Just listed my M10 Kyb’s in Xbox trade section if anyone needs any of them.

I did get a few good M10 drops yesterday. Too bad not one with +160 Splash.

Quote a few forums have been spealing sbout this we have pics etc.

I highly suggest you write your experience how mayhem 2.0 had changed changes to the game
In a support ticket and send it to them as feedback
Ita the whole reason we had a hotfix recently even though its not working for us m10 players they wont know because i dont believe devs read our forums at all.

Feedback tickets and issues screenshots and personal writing is the only things that will get through. Thry cant ignore massive feedback.

Dedicated drops are almost non existent. Loot the u iverse gives alot.of vendor trash. I get greens and blues besides a rare since hotfix. I truely am hating the game. Killinga tough time consuming enemy and ordeal to get nothing

RNG is a feckless mistress. Not sure how GB can fix the issue. Maybe if you kill a particular boss at a particular mayhem level, the game could increase the odds that certain loot drops. In other words, the more times you farm a boss, the more likely it is you get what you want.

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