Twin Dahlminator......ahhhhh NO!

Took a nice Twin Dahminator I got from a mule (0 farming for that one…just a lucky drop) and tried it out on Surveyors on Zer0 at OP8.

Haven’t used the thing in two years.


Well…it did home in and kill surveyors but at the cost of much ammo and time…and the homing part just seemed pretty bad

Verdict: NO THANKS! Better choices exist…it’s going back in a Mule.

Perhaps it was because Velocity was speeced at 10/5 and that drastically affected the weapon negatively. But since I am pretty much aways going to spec Velocity unless I go heavy Pimpernel…it just wasn’t very good.

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Both Darts and Spikers are an acquired taste! I like Darts best with Gaige, as the homing is very useful with high Anarchy stacks. If you’re cowering behind cover it can be useful with any character though. I mainly use it for surveyors as the lack of critical spots there anyway.

With Zer0 is usually use slag Darts or Spikers because you can fire then and then go into Deception; the projectiles will hit late enough to ensure targets are still slagged when you come out of Deception (though you’ll need to be quite far away if you’re specced with Velocity).

With the ammo consumption it’s probably best used in conjunction with another weapon. The delay in reaching the target and detonation means you can swap weapons and still have shots / elements from both guns hit together, so you could shoot corrosive at a loader, then switch and fire a Slagga and get both elements working together. Of course the Dahlminator is corrosive so this may be less effective with shields which you might want to take out first.

I’m not going to argue it’s too gear for Zer0 but it can play a role if you’re determined :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hattie…you have waaaaay more patience than me…:grinning:


Darts, including those from the Dahlminator, can’t turn sharp enough to pursue a Surveyor across the sky. If you’re loading the darts up with Vel0city, they can absolutely move fast enough to catch one, but you need it to catch the Surveyor before it turns too much (which is a relatively small window). I like the Dahlminator for shooting PWR and BUL Loaders, since the darts embed right in the reflective surface and burst there for damage. Not that other weapons couldn’t kill them faster, but still.

If you get your hands on a Wanderlust and throw a lot of Vel0city at it, those darts will do numerous hairpin turns to catch the target (Surveyors, Bandit Technicals, Buzzards, JET Loaders… nothing can escape those darts with +11 Vel0city on deck). Conveniently, they’re all armored, so a corrosive Wanderlust in Zer0’s hands is handy like that (and Rakk will certainly feel that sting too).


There’s a lot of spray and pray involved when I do this as Gaige :stuck_out_tongue: If the surveyor is buzzing around fairly close by it can get the job done.

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I use mine when they are on the run up to hit me. I watch the red dot on the HUD and determine their flight pattern, just as they are about to complete the turn I let off a bunch of shots along the projected flight path. I find I waste less ammo with the Darts because all the shots connect, rather than the few that would normally pass them.

With enough practice determining where you should shoot comes pretty naturally, like aiming for crit boxes.

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Was thinking no Velocity and a Bee would REALLY help this thing.

Maybe one of those weapons that is truly helped to the next level with a Bee

Anybody try one with a Bee??

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[quote=“johnrr6, post:7, topic:1556464”]Anybody try one with a Bee??[/quote]Yes, but it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary with that amp damage that I know of.

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