Twisted and sick

Seriously guys, what kind of madmen are these that don’t have a (non-item-selling) ammo machine in the snowblind tower!??!?
This is just sick and cruel! and I mean, I’m on a PC, can’t even imagine console…


Uuhh, context?

Arms race.
some people just want to watch the world burn…


And why, for the love of all that’s holy, do we have to travel off map and back again to rerun it?


hmm, I played arms race a few times but I am not sure what your beef is? Nor what it has to do with being on console (I am)? Not being ironic just genuilely puzzled


I think he refers to ammo not being reset in Arms Race in case of dying. And I partially feel this pain. If you die 2 or 3 times in a row, you easily find yourself with nearly no ammo. Specially if you use Tediores. Even though there are loot piles and ammo boxes that contain ammo, that’s not what you concentrate to, because of the Murdercane. I usually travel back to Sanctuary after a few failed runs, just to buy ammo and then I get back to the Stormblind Complex immediately. A unique ammo vending machine (like the Extractors) with no items in it, only containing ammo, or ammo being reset after dying would solve this problem.


100% - if you use anything other than assault rifles you have to go somewhere to refill, even if you complete you have to travel somewhere else then back, you cant just FT to the tower and restart. No save-quit, which brings me to my console point - load-times.
The whole thing just breaks your farmflow.

After death and low ammo open first chest take everything run to ammo machine by boss, sell spare shield then refill ammo. If you have wasted too much time jump into boss and let him kill you. You now respawn with full ammo

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