Twister drop rates

I’ve been farming for this for the last few days with no luck. I’ve had OOO spawn 5 (possibly 6 I can’t remember exactly) times, 3 since I’ve actually been tracking the amount of UBA Savages that have had the opportunity to turn into him (513 so far), and still no twister. I got the impression from a quick Google search that the twister had a fairly high drop rate once you actually got OOO to spawn, am I wrong about this? Is this normal or just really bad luck with the RNG?

We do not know the actual drop rate of it but it appears to be fairly high and your information can help us getting an idea for it. A streak of bad luck is always possible however but if keep on the ball you will surely receive one.

Sorry for advertising myself here but the information you’ve collected and keep collecting could prove to be quite useful for my topic:

If you don’t mind, I’d like to implement your information into it later as it can be very useful to know.

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I’m more than happy to help out with data collection, is there anything in particular you want me to keep a note of as I’m farming?

Just what you’ve been doing so far. How many OOOs have spawned (out of how many UBA Savages), how many you’ve killed and what they have dropped (no need to keep track of world drops, just the Twister and apparently also standard Legendary COMs).
Also, do you have the 4 Player Glitch working? It may be nothing but a relic from Vermivorous so it might not actually increase the spawn rate of OOO but it could be useful to know.

Also thank you.

I’ve been playing with 2 players (A main character and a second character just to do a bit of levelling to 72). I haven’t tried the 4 player glitch as I tend to farm Scylla’s Grove and kill the UBA’s when they don’t spawn OOO rather than letting them despawn, I’d get too bored doing it that way. I can spend a bit of time with the 4 player glitch as well though if it’d be useful.

It is your call but any information will prove to be useful, just make sure to state how many spawns you got with which (and again, out of how many UBAs). I still doubt it makes a difference and that information helps us getting closer to prove or debunk that myth.

I don’t have a huge amount else to do at the moment so I’ll spend a bit of time with the 4 player glitch as well then.

So far though these are the results I can confirm

UBA Savages : 525
OOO Spawns : 3
Twister Drops : 0
All 2 player

I’ll update again when I finish this off for the day

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Well since posting last I’ve been playing with the 4 player glitch and in 30 UBA Savages OOO has spawned twice and dropped the Twister on one of those occasions. I’m going to get myself up to at least 100 UBA’s before stopping though as 30 UBA’s isn’t really enough to make any assumptions about being in 4 player being better

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Indeed, it is too early to make any assumptions but you finally got what you wanted :slight_smile:

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And just had another OOO spawn and Twister drop 6 UBA’s later, lol.

And suddenly it all snowballed, wow. That reminds me, were all drops on your level (including the random stuff) or were some underleveled?

As far as I can tell everything that dropped was at level.

Right, I’m getting a bit bored now so I’ll call it a day. I’ll have another go in a few days when I farm for an OP8 one (Been looking for a lvl72 so far)

final results from the 4p glitch attempts today

UBA Savages : 120
OOO Spawns : 4
Twister Drops : 2 (Both level 72)

I also had a legendary COM drop on both the times the twister dropped (a Soldier and Berzerker)


Thank you very much so far! Very useful information, especially that the Twister and Legendary COMs don’t share a pool.