Twister Farming

Been trying to farm twister for weeks, my main past-time for the past month waiting for THC. If I had not seen videos with triple O I would say he is a myth. Is there any tips you guys know besides putting the game in 4 player mode?

I would love to help you if you want? Never seen that gun drop myself, so would like to help. Are you on xbox or playstation?

Right after I made that post, decided to try one more time before I went to sleep and he finally spawned. Then I though he did not drop it, but as I turned to go I saw that two shotguns were laying on top of a third…and there it was! I don’t even care it has the wrong prefix and crappy parts. I am having fun boring everything with it lol

Haha nice! Congratz

Thanks. Are you strictly on playstation or did you maybe upgrade to xbox one by chance? If so I could help you get one to drop

Only got a playstation haha. Thnx for the help anyway!

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It’s cool, anytime.