Twister help needed

  1. Does the Twister have any sort of learning curve with the projectiles for maximum damage? Or can I use it like a regular shotgun?

  2. Does Accelerate affect the Twister? Is there any way to make the projectiles move faster?

  3. When using the Twister, should I go for a shock BoA or a Jakobs Allegiance relic?

  1. No, just use it as a normal shotgun, but use it close up (just outside melee range) for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Yes. 5/5 should be find.
  3. BoA.
  1. It is slower than Torgue weaponry so the closer the better.

  2. Yes and it can benefit it in that it lowers the chances of the tornado missing, if slightly.

  3. If you are using it as a mainstay weapon then yes. It is quite powerful on Gaige but everyone else can make great use of it.

Kill skill speed buffs are good with twister. Dash up to enemy’s face or back side. Apply twister. Enemy dies. Run away at light speed giggling like crazy. rinse repeat. Stuff dies with gaige or zer0 especially easily.