TWITCH ECHOCAST Streamers: NO Badass event

Howdy Sassaroth here. You can call me Sass.

The badass event.
I spent several days jumping from stream to stream and I noticed a pattern.
A lot of what I saw was streamers are starting had begun to turn off the badass event. This is boring or even souring some (extreme) viewers .
Sure, I can understand the streamer. They are trying to make some content, but a few are referring to it as a way for the players to troll the streamer. Because, they are not sure if they are getting any real reward out of it. One even asked if the bad ass drops are any better for it?
I honestly don’t know.

Of course, the cashsplosion is nice for them… but when is anyone going to choose to reward the streamer with an influx of cash, over keeping the badass alive, longer. If the badass is dead… no cash.
Now that I put the problem. Here are my opinions on possible solutions. Of course, the community will probably have a better unified idea. I am hoping they do.
That would benefit us all. Here we go. Feel free to improve on it.

Perhaps incorporate a smaller cashplosion into keeping the badass alive so each time the echocast selection is chosen, the streamer will get rewarded. The longer the badass lives, the higher the mini-cashplosion gets ( like x0.1 x0.2 x0.3 x0.4 multiplier per minute, maxed x2.0). The more viewers the participate, the better mini-cashplosion. ( like x.001 per viewer that participate per vote. So 1000 votes double the mini-cashplosion. )

the more the badass is upgraded the greater the chance for a better loot drop at the end.
(This can easily be solved by LUCK. Each vote to HEAL the badass increases luck by a small amount. Upgrading the level of the badass naturally increases chances, but during a badass echocast event, we can do better. We can infuse more LUCK.)

MAYBE… even a chance for the badass to upgrade to the once beloved REDCHEST BADASS (oh… I remember him! ) or LOOT TINK. Wouldn’t that be awesome! The streamer would go nuts, and a sudden redchest , would be awesome for everyone!

Plus the viewer gets nothing for doing the badass event. That all depends on what the streamer rewards (which is usually limited to that specific stream) and this rewards… translates zero into the game.

Perhaps, right at the first, the viewer votes WHI WILL WIN THE FIGHT?.
Badass or Vault Hunter.
Then… the viewers start greasing the odds
in their favor with voting as the badass event continues. Might even introduce a badass penalty.

If the viewer win the guess, the viewer gets the winning prize (whatever that is) sent via game mail.
If the viewer looses the guess, they get a lesser prize. Either way, they still win for participating.
The streamer, won by getting cash or surviving.

Even if it is a cash, erudite, mystery item reward for helping the badass event, its better than just trolling. SOMETHING needs to change to get the streamer to stop turning off the badass event and stop feeling like it is just a punishment.

Have a good one.