Twitch prime loot

Hello I can’t get my topic mentioned twitch prime rewards. The shift account linked to twitch but it doesn’t appear in social where mail is located. Any help I would appreciate it. Thanks. All 4 rewards each with 3 golden keys and 1 item.

Update: Everything good thanks to the gearbox support. All twitch prime loot found in mailbox in-game.

Crying shame mailed items aren’t scaled.

Torgue been sending me grolls for the last couple weeks, all M0 -_-

@vCarpeDiemv well eventually that will be fixed in a patch or some such.

I was trying to redeem the benefits as I just recently bought BL3, but I cannot get my PS account linked. I keep getting an error on the Shift page. I contacted support 5 days ago, but haven’t heard back yet.

I get that error as well.