Twitch stream of battleborn tomorrow

Who is going to watch the battleborn twitch streams? And who do you like as the twitch steamers? I am asking cause i dont watch very much twitch. To know their personalitys.

I will be watching on the main channel, but know a couple of the names on the streamer list. It is a varried list, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the kinda streamer you like. There are comedy streamers such as Eatmydiction and GassyMexican, then there are some slightly more serious, competitive streamers such as Ms Vixen who is an Ex-Fragdoll and Competitive CoD player.

So, varrying from one kind to the other, lots to watch :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks for the info.

Non Disclosure Agreement? NDA?

Anyone who is even somewhat smart will realized they agreed to an NDA, and wont stream.

Yeah. Unless third party has permission they will break the NDA if they do…

So I’m confused is there a list of people allowed to stream?

Gearbox had twitch streams yesterday… October 27th on thier main channel.

Did any one even read the terms and conditions we were made to agree to play the beta? NDA anyone?
They were pretty strict.

IGN posted that they were live streaming the game ? I sent a tweet to gearbox with the link but never heard back from them about it.

I believe the OP was talking about the Gearbox Official Streams that are authorized by Gearbox. I’m sure that Gearbox has certain people playing it on streams via approved channels under, what I am sure is a close eye and with their express approval.

For those of us in the CTT whom are under NDA: we should make sure that we abide by it’s rules. If anyone is confused about what those rules are they should be available via the link in the e-mail you received from Gearbox; or I am sure you can contact the forum moderators via PM for a copy of it. (Or maybe one can link to it if it’s open and available for viewing to the public?)

the NDA terms are basically enjoy the game keep your mouth shut :slight_smile:

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I think rather than advertising whether someone might be breaking the NDA it would be more tactful to message the moderators/staff members. Just my two pence worth.