Twitch Views at all time low TTW!



Yeah it ain’t that fun to watch XD

I think interest plummeted after the disaster which was DLC1. Three weeks later and no statement from them either… C’mon, Gearbox. Fight for your game.


It’s not just “fighting” for their game at this point; it’s fighting to regain their consumer’s trust which will dictate how well future games are received. Depending on their response to this disaster I’ll make a decision on whether to trust them on future releases or dismiss them as a crappy development company that swindles their customers.

Note that a response for me doesn’t have to be verbal/written. Actions are more important at this point.


Yes, that too. Wonderlands in the short term, other games in the long term. It feels strange they haven’t said anything. Early on in the life of BL3, we had various different roadmaps and posts saying the changes to expect in the long term, all on here. After Mayhem 2.0 was so poorly received, they listened and then promised and delivered extensive changes. You would think they would take the same approach with this game…

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Umm, guessing you took those screenshots early in the AM? Because it’s already 10× that amount now. K6 is streaming for 600+ right now (930am cst) by himself.

Not arguing that TTW doesn’t have issues, but saying that it’s a problem that no one is streaming pre-dawn is kind of odd. Twitch numbers tend to be low pre-dawn in the US.

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The only people who care about this are the game’s producers and they have seemingly abandoned these forums.

Never mind, Twitch views for TTW about to go in the toliet. After today’s hotfix, K6 going back to B3 for a while. He’s the last sizable streamer running TTW.

Matt cox has made a reply to a Twitter post directed at him xD
That’s about it

I quit watching Twitch streams when GB refused to fix Echocast

What changed your mind within an hour?

Honestly I think a lot of people who watch don’t even care about the game at this point and only watch for K6 or joltz

When I made the first post, TTW Twitch views were just over 1K, of which K6 was 60%+. If he lays off TTW for a while, views will drop significantly in the morning hours.

So, simple math brought about the change.

Too short, too repetitive, too easy. Not surprised it’s not doing well on Twitch. Though I suppose anything could be made interesting if the streamer themselves is good at what they do.

They tried… They just made a mess of the game and only thing that would have been able to fix it was to remove M2.0 and start over…

For this game… The next 3 DLC need to be better than any dlc they released, otherwise its an other nail in the coffin


Kind of crazy how quickly the DLC quality has plummeted. The first few Borderlands games had some of the best DLCs I’ve ever seen in games, with a few forgivable missteps. But after the first two BL3 DLCs the value you get from them has dropped dramatically ( I haven’t played TTW yet, I’m just going by what I’ve heard).


mabe dont intentionally choose a time where all of USA is sleeping XD
borderlands community is pretty focused on few big streamers

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still don’t get why people judge a game’s popularity based on streaming views :joy:

i see it like, the more people are actualy playing the game, the less people have time to watch other people play the game (still can’t see why i would watch somebody play the game instead of playing myself)


yea its a weird flex that is constantly brought up in the diablo 2 vs 3 debate
d2 usually wins XDDDDDD

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i do watch D2 streamers (for build guidance and stuff)
but never watch anybody just play the (any) game :joy:

Well i usually just watch for the streamer/community/discussions
I don’t really care about watching the gameplay

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