Two bugs (at bosses) in Guardian Takedown

So my friend and I are trying to enjoy doing the Guardian Takedown, but aside from the mobs being absolute bullet sponges, we encounter bugs that just cripple the experience:

(My friend plays Moze and I FL4K, game is usually hosted by me)

  1. At the first boss, if I die, then instead of spectating my friend I directly reappear at the beginning of the takedown, with “FAILURE” written on the screen, while my friend is left at the boss arena but all ennemies (including boss) disappear. If I launch the takedown again (pushing the button on the stone), the boss doesn’t reappear; we effectively have to restart everything, even though only one of us died. This bug has happened to us at least twice.
  2. At the second boss, when the boss teleports players (after its first and second shield bars have been depleted), if my friend (playing Moze) is in his Iron Bear, then he isn’t teleported with me. So he finished the boss without me, because both times he killed the boss faster than I could clear the area to teleport back to the boss ><’

With the takedown being already hard enough as it is, those bugs makes the whole experience really difficult to enjoy…

Did anyone else experienced those bugs?