Two changes that may help with quitters

Hello… so i noticed people drop out a lot when they don’t get the map/mode they want a fair amount of the time.

If you are playing in quick play you don’t often get the chance to play face off or capture as well.
so first is to take out voting and randomize the three. This way we can experience all modes equally and not have one of those nights where we play 11 matches of meltdown in a row or 42 overgrowth’s before you get one monuments… or Echelon… people vote for that sometimes right?
Second is to add a time out for those who quit, if they are a frequent quitter make it longer. People can elude the report system and (i think?) they can reque if they quit immediately before character selection commences, if not a surrender is likely imminent in the first 4 minutes anyway. Someone else talked about this one on the forums,i think its a great idea for any game. Together i think it’d reduce quitting by a lot.
Tid bits of my reasoning and why i think we should have this ^^^

  • People don’t like playing the same mode over and over.

  • time out to encourage finishing not quitting

  • report system is a joke.

  • Some modes/Maps hardly ever get voted on and some are just picked Frequently more.

  • premades can easily just pick whatever they want (you’re going to vote with your buddies usually.) unless an entire team or random team attempts to do something else further increasing doing the same map/mode over and over.
    This was a long post you deserve this :lollipop: for reading it all…


The first recommendation was already given long time ago. The devs replied that they didn’t want to take away the freedom to choose a preferred mode. If they go by rotating maps/modes instead of voting ,many other players will detest the changes ( maybe the majority)

Not everyone dislike playing the same mode over and over again. I can never get tired of playing Incursion.

Time out to finish a match that hasn’t even started?

Report system is always a joke in every game. If the person getting reported has not violated any of the game terms of service… then the system only serves as a false satisifaction to the person clicking the button.

I agreee that certain maps/mode are chosen a lot more frequently than others

Premade teams dominate in this game and this is another example of its advantages

I would preferred a cookie instead


I was nearly done with pvp when they added incursion into quick play because i hardly got to play anything else. I never really found it all that fun but i try to stick with it nonetheless…
I never said everyone disliked playing the same mode over and over Again. I played capture almost exclusively and loved it but now that we don’t really have a choice due to player-base we had to compromise i guess.

yes? you left the match deliberately just to join another, i meant like finish instead of leaving to find a new match regardless of mode because then you’ll have to sit out for awhile. If everyone quit because they didn’t get the mode they liked a lot of us would be playing in 4v5s and stuff.

The reporting was supposed to be a way to help deal with it and thus a better replacement IMO.

if you meant rotate modes in a separate que on certain days or something then yeah id say so if not no i really don’t think it would be working otherwise, quick-play=meltdown

There’re more than aesthetical resons to why ppl choose Paradise over Outskirts or Overgrowth over Echelon. Those are terrible optimized piles of crap - I’m even willing to choose Capture over those. And If it’s about Capture/Face-Off - those generally boil down to “ganksquads” hunting lonely players and almost noone who picks Bb over competition likes this poor excuse for team deathmatch dressed as full-fledged game mode.

Err, what does it change?

I don’t know what are your experiences with premades, but mine are that:

  1. This doesn’t actually happen often. I mean, I may ask PUGs for a specific choice as well, same difference.
  2. There are two teams voting and you can belong to only one of them.

If you think else, why not organize some “5 mans premade” on your own and got it fixed? It’s really not a big deal: yesterday I hadn’t had a team for like 3 hours …so invited my pick-up group’s memebers and voila. Plus got 5 more friends :slight_smile:

I would agree about Echelon… I don’t think that map was designed well anyway…
Face off i’m either getting people who don’t know the objective or an enemy team who slaughters people as they try to deposit. Almost all my matches were with randoms for face off they were usually pretty bad. Capture was my favorite you saw ^ safety is in numbers but Not very many people have played like that i hardly see more then 3 people clinging together.(600+captures) I’m not saying they don’t just not often. I quite enjoy capture and face off to an extent for being "poor excuses of a game mode."
Hopefully Less quitters, As someone will just Leave when they don’t get something they like Because they know it will most likely end in a quick surrender or a bloodbath. if they get a lengthier waiting period to sit out as opposed to the time they wait for the team to surrender or be sent to the slaughter house then they will be more inclined to play then be a quitter.
A pug group and a premade are two different groups will act differently and probably vote for what they want since they don’t know you and couldn’t care less what you wanted. Not everyone uses a mic.
1 I shouldn’t have to make a premade to vote to get what i want that is not "getting it fixed."
2 Not the best at “making friends” and most people are again just going to pick meltdown. Not many share love for the other two…

id love for the one who leaves not being able to requeue till after whatever full length of the game mode is -30mins for inc/md and 15 for foff/cap. thats no problem for folks who had a good reason to leave, and punishes illigitemate quitters regardless of if surrender occurs.

but i dont really see quitters much.

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  1. This is a multi-player game.
  2. Clearly ppl are miscellaneous and you can’t satify all.
  3. That’s why we got compromises, we reach those by voting.

Same here, totally asocial, yet I kind of liked the game and wanted to play, badly. So I adapted. Human thing I guess.