Two custom maps you should definitely check out

(Marcomi X) #1

Hello there!
I stumbled on two good SP custom maps for BiA Rth30:
-Radar Hunt.
A mission set near Bastogne (no snow, tho). Baker and his squad have to conquer a radio bunker. A very well made map. With a little bit of polish, it won’t be out of place among the vanilla maps.

-The Farm
A map with a good athmosphere. The objective is simple: conquer the farm.
It’s not properly finished. Once you capture the farm, the mission doesn’t end. But the level design is pretty good.

(Currahee) #2

Very interesting.

Since I don’t have the game yet to support the files, could you do gameplay videos for both missions? I am very curious.

(Ayala1555) #3