Two f4ng and shotguns

anyone know if this adds an extra pellet or does it add an extra shot?.. still could be good for the high dmg single shot shotguns but idk if worth… btw shotty fl4k all day erra day

The skill adds an extra pellet when it proc’s. Also if you didn’t know the skill leave no trace (were you get a chance to add ammo back to your magazine on a critical hit) synergises well with two fang as each pellet has a chance to return ammo to the magazine upon a critical hit. So pretty much the higher pellet count on your shotgun the better.

ah tyvm… ya i use sticky torgue shottys with as many pellets as i can get… works real nice with fade away… i stack stickies while in stealth and once stealth ends reload… lets ya get back into steal pretty quick

Got a mod that brings up my leave no trace to 6 so its 72% chance for ammo.

If I hit crits, I never reload my weapon.