Two Fer Luck Cannon or Double Smasher

What are your thoughts?
Pro’s and con’s for both.


Pros: it’s free
Cons: everything else

Luck Cannon

Pros: It breaks stuff
Cons: Its hard to get a good one


What does the luck part do?

Depending on your distance from the mob, further away makes it a higher chance to proc a “Money Shot” that can crit if you have Tombstone, anywhere from say 500k dmg non crit upwards of a 7 million dmg crit as long as you have the right build.


My build

My class mod

You need to find 7 points to put into L&O to get the middle column skills.

I suggest you take them from snap shot and Crack shot.

@Chuck80 where should I put the last 5?

Depending on how you play and what you prefer to do, I would put them either in Mag6, high noon or Crack shot for extra damage, or in bottled courage for added survivability.

Just play with it, see what feels right to you. If you go down often go for BC, otherwise any of the 3 other skills I mentioned are fine.

I also would (personally) put one of those points into impatience. It might not look like much help since you have such a small mag (so few opportunities to accumulate stacks) but a small mag also means you reload often, so even a small boost can help over time.

Going back to Luck Cannon vs Smasher, I would always pick the Luck Cannon, 10/10. Crazy accurate, amazing with Nisha, Lucky Shot is a great bonus. I honestly never really thought that highly of the Smasher to begin with, why even consider it…?

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When results are concerned, With Nisha I think I would pick the LC over just about anything in the game (maybe a few exceptions)

And I would pick a LOT of things before the smasher :stuck_out_tongue:

A comparison between the LC and the Maggie would have been a fairer comparison (with the same conclusion though)

I feel like the Maggie is for the non-Nisha players that don’t wanna use the Luck Cannon cause the magazine size of 1 is pissing them off so they take the next best thing

true. even so, I think clappy and jack (with the right build of course) would like the luck cannon better more often so that’s like half and half on the characters.

Luck Cannon Cons: 404, FILE NOT FOUND

Smasher Pros: 404, FILE NOT FOUND

That’s a fair assessment.

Ya that Two-fer, just wrecks stuff, I had a Maggie and a Two-fer Smasher, theres NO comparison.