Two girls and an old man, Uber OPs

So…I started a new account.

I’m currently level 34.

Mastered Ambra by level 31.
The one piece of gear I do love, her legendary, had to have that for helix 7.

I’ve got both dlc at OPs 100 now and realized something.

Ambra, Galilea and Klese make both dlc child’s play.

I’ve done 100 OPs in both dlc with each character.
As you know some characters are tough in each dlc.

These girls and that old man though. Win! :sunny:


I just had to comment on the fact that this thread’s title sounds like a German porno movie.

Please forgive me…


Not today. Maybe tommorow

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So…this is not a Battleborn Porno?


And I agree. They make speedruns of the OPs missions very very easy. Which is good for people who want Jennerit, LLC, and/or UPR commander packs. I have no issue with that.


Just did Toby’s @ 100 OPs with Galilea, should have went HC, no deaths.
Go with the RH option on helix 3 and she blazes thru that dlc. (You need a health regen mod but np.)

I am german and I forgive you (appearantly, I may have… uhm… heard of one called like this… )

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…Das gut :smile:


The worst part is, he’s level 34…

I hope that wasn’t a WW2 reference, because that war started in 1939; i’m probably missing something obvious here…

@vrlalilulelo: Saitama is GERMAN?!

@wisecarver: No, sir; das BOOT:


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Nope - rule 34 reference

Sorry, i’m not too Internet savy, and i don’t know what these rules are. I’m guessing from my original comment that it’s something i probably wouldn’t want to know anyways, haha… Or DO i…? DO i? I’m, uh… Honestly asking.

aren’t we all a little saitama sometimes? :slight_smile:

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Yes. In Warframe, my Valkyr Prime with the Fragor Prime LITERALLY takes on hit. I make the Saitama reference constantly, because it’s sooo boring. Same with anyone who tries to play Connect Four with me, though i’m kind of a dick about it, haha. I’ve never lost but one match, and that was with my little sister, who i was humoring while trying to also play TLOZ: Windwaker when it first came out when i was a kid. I remember it vividly… She started cheering, and i was all “huh, what…? Oh… Oh, no, sweetie; that doesn’t count, because i’m not paying attention.” I still feel bad about THAT one, haha…

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Happy forumversary!

Yeeeaaah, uhhh… You don’t want to know.

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…Thanks. I’m confused tho, thought I joined the forums during the BB beta.
Has it been a year?

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Apparently you were wrong about that. Yay?

Actually I don’t see how, I got a new PC and Steam account for the beta and it signed me up to the forums.
Maybe at that time the date was bugged.

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Huh. Btw, because of your maining Thorn early on (maybe now but it seems like you prefer Ambra) your profile pic looked to me like a robot drawing a bow. Took me a while to see Toby

It is Toby, I just thought it made a cool mini shot once I resized it and stuck with that for no reason.