Two Girls, One Vault Hunter (Build)

At this point in the game’s life, there is probably no reason to lay out every skill point spent. Everybody around here probably has a very good idea of what each skill does. Keeping that in mind, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

The Bekah is one of very few weapons in this game that defies the near universal truth that element matching is the way to go. All we’re really doing here is using a similar skill frame to an explosive build, but pushing points out of grenade-centric skills and Metal Storm into skills which translate into steroids for the Bekah. Along the way, we wind up increasing the damage output of the Maggie. That works out great, because the Bekah lends itself best to medium-long distances, while the Maggie is a monster up close.

Here is the skill build:

Gear used:
slag gun
whatever else (Jakobs snipers, Lascaux, etc)

Magic Missile, Quasar
Bee shield, Antagonist
Legendary Soldier
…and I actually use a Bone of the Ancients for cooldown time (Battlefront + slag are awesome)

The build includes 1 point in Resourceful, specifically for the purpose of catering to a Legendary Engineer swap to get extra cooldown and grenade damage (+5 Battlefront, +5 Resourceful).

Playstyle is pretty obvious. Throw down your turret and shoot everything in the face. Even without a Bee or slag, the Bekah is devastating. Throw in Bee, Battlefront, Onslaught, and slag, and the thing is absolutely nuts. The Maggie is brutal, as well.

Simple stuff. Nothing groundbreaking here. Lots of fun, though!


I like this build.

Given the bonuses of Battlefront in particular I would recommend the Twister as the fourth weapon. It benefits from the increase in grenade damage, and gives you an option for enemies at point - blank range. You could also use a Shock Bone of the Ancients, as it’ll increase the damage output for the Twister and the Quasar.

With your permission I’d also like to record a video demonstrating how this build would work with : a Legendary Soldier class mod, a Legendary Engineer class mod, and the Specialist class mod (it improves “Duty Calls”).

By all means! Have fun, and please let me know when the video is up!

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If it’s a battlefront based build, I’d suggest an Engineer for cooldown and a Jakobs Allegiance Relic to bring the recoil down to near nothing on your bekah.


When I look at builds, I lean heavily toward reliability and increasing control. To that end, I favor constants and passive a heavily. Accordingly, I don’t like to build around Battlefront without Gemini. Simply put, that bonus is too easy to lose. Doc Mercy, Nomad blasters, and others simply smash the turret too frequently. With Double Up + Gemini, I almost always get full duration, so I use the Engineer more with those.

As far as the relic goes, that’s not a bad recommendation. I was lucky enough to catch a Horse Bekah with Jakobs grip and Torgue stock as my first Bekah, so recoil hasn’t been an issue for me. I’m enjoying the reduced cool down time. I should probably default to shock for Quasars and stripping enemy shields.

As promised, here is some gameplay involving your build. I hpe you enjoy it, and that it, in your view at least, does your build justice.

That was a lot of fun to watch! You really do a great job of using everything at your disposal. All weapon slots, grenades, and space. While I generally use the Bee and Legendary Soldier as my go-to pieces, I like that you had the Antagonist and a different COM out of the gate. Part of the reason for my having looked at Duty Calls was to be able to continue putting out big hits while the Bee is down. You showed that very well!

Thank you, sir!