Two hours of Token farming

Hello, fellow Vault Hunters!
I just came here to show around the result of farming for two hours on Pyro Pete’s bar. I’m showing this because I want to make an average of the loot I usually get in there.
I had three reasons to farm in there:
a) Get Tokens for dem DPUH;
b) Get levels. I still wasn’t level 72. I believe I started at about 66~68.
c) Get a Cobra. This reason, however, wasn’t the most important. It would be a “if-it-comes-my-way-I-will-be-happy-else-no-problem”
As I killed everything in sight, I got every item I could as they dropped. Else, the rats would get it, I’d most likely kill them as they picked it up, aaaand the item would be lost. There was probally some items that WERE lost, but I won’t make too much of a fuss.
As I did that, I discovered something interesting: all items are on a timer. When this timer ends, they start to shrink, till they disappear. I only noticed that with whites, so I am guessing less rare items despawn first, then this timer starts going up on the more rare items. Luckily, I was always dropping some whites around, so I doubt any greens disappeared. Veteran players probably already knew that, but I just want to get this out of my system.
I got VERY few blues, and no purples whatsoever. I have, however, gotten a world drop Invader, for some reason. That REALLY surprised me. Can’t say I’ve gotten many world drops.

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yep, whites go first then greens, blues and so on. Gold does stay around for a long time, unless its picked up by a Rat

yes, in a 2 hour period of Bar Room Leveling, I can usually pull 2 to 3 legends and a pearl (with good RNG). I’ve listed several of the finds in the “Items of the Day” post. of course there are the times RNG goes the other way and I get none

I do get a little more blues then what your showing and do get about 6 purples.

I do try to mention to all I PL, that its a worthwhile area to farm.
Great post

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To the best of my knowledge the Burners in the Barroom Brawl won’t drop the Cobra- it’s only the ones you meet in the rest of the Beatdown (of course, it may be that it just hasn’t happened yet, but I believe that is the way it’s designed). Other than that, nice post…:slight_smile:

After a quick search, it seems that way. But as I said, it wasn’t the most important thing about the farming. Just wanted tokens and levels, and see how many items appeared on a normal grind.

I always wondered if they could drop a Cobra in there. I got one in the Beatdown and one in the Southern Raceway, so I figured they might be able to. Guess not…

same here. I have always thought it’s “possible” but just hasn’t happened yet.

@Kurtdawg13 same but I don’t pay much attention after 2 hours of barroom pl,ing the whole bar room floor (upper and lower) looks like @SpikOriundo 's pic and will let the ones I PL clean the floor to sell all that for money. I will have to start watching more to see if the Cobra does drop. Blue Correct?

Yes it is

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BTK answered that question. :acmaffirmative:

I always check the loot if I’m power leveling anyone. It’s understood that I peruse the loot before the under level folk get their hands on it. :blush:

For the sole purpose of finding a Cobra in Pete’s Bar. I would love to post that. :sunglasses:

I just do that for the legendarys and Pearls, other then those never have cared much

There are no burners in Petes bar.

Burners are only in one small area which makes the cobra rare.
Burners are actually named burners.

You also forgot the most important reason…
tokens to get a flakker

There are definitely Burners in Pete’s Bar.

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With how often you power level. Your data would be tremendously helpful as you have the largest pool sample for this. Not that you’re keeping track, I just know that you power level more than anyone I know. Your data would be useful. :wink:

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more important to me BAR Rank, but I did just buy a OP 8 Flakker and OP 8 Rolling Thunder Grenade the other night in pete’s bar just for the BAR Challenges

Thank you for that. I was about to say the same. :innocent:

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Yeah, I don’t even really Bar Room Blitz it; I usually just start a riot in there because enemies will keep spawning for a while, but I know they spawn there.

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it would, if I pay attention, right now I couldn’t even give a number to how many times per hour it gets ran, other then a whole heck of a lot :grinning: , I know my average completion speed is a little over half the time on the timer and someone Is always turning it in to speed up the process

maybe need a Referee in there to take down data :relaxed:

Only burner bone crushers and unless they fixed it they weren’t considered burners, they had the same pool as a regular bone crusher.
Hence no burners.

For what I’m asking. Nothing needs to be recorded or written down. Since you run the Bar more often, I would only request that you keep an eye out for a Cobra in the unlikely event that you do get it to drop in Pete’s Bar.

Here is my vid cut into pics, since I can’t upload it from work. This shows where i got my Cobra…

Doing this from my phone. i apologize in advance for how this may be displayed.