Two Identical Characters in a Match?

Would like to know if there was anything in the last update or previous update that allows players to select an identical battleborn character for a multiplayer match. Played a match where there were two Oscar Mikes on the same team. Might have been due to disconnect and when they rejoin, it just opted them to Oscar Mike, but I don’t know since I was on the opposite team and didn’t see it happen. All I know was that I was fighting two Oscar Mikes at one point. And no, no one on my team was playing Oscar Mike.

Its normal after one person selects a character the other does random and hope he gets the same character

Is that possible? If I select a character and somebody selected random, there is a chance they might end up as the same character as me? I honestly don’t know and was wondering about this for the match.

I heard it was possible when two people select the same character simultaneously in the “right” time

I’ve seen this twice, both times Oscar Mike, I have a video of one and a screen shot of the other.

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Here’s the video -

Ive seen it oscar Mike all 3 times even before the update

Hmm, perhaps it only happens with him? I know that if you don’t complete the prologue you can play PvP split screen but you’ll always be locked to Oscar Mike. So if someone on your team selects OM maybe that’s how you end up with two?

The first time I saw it I didn’t notice until I was fighting one then saw another appear, I was so confused I ran lol O.o

When someone joins a party, they can skip prologue, but don’t have anybody unlocked. So they get stuck as Oscar Mike, and the other player intentionally picks him. I did it by accident.
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