Two Lane Incursion?

If/when the next three maps roll around, anyone else interested in an Incursion map with two lanes? Instead of defending on sentry after the other, you defend both at the same time. It would be a highly tactical, super fun time.

On that subject, one lane Meltdown, two control point Capture, and two depositer Face-Off, anyone?


well technically there are already different areas you can attack the sentry from (the lane or the bunker), but a two lane incursion would be interesting. though to me i wouldn’t mind if they added the third lane, towers, and put more thralls for jungle, so hell, just go all the way, lol


Ik three lane was avoided because it felt too one on one. Two lane Incursion may be avoided for a similar reason and the same with other modes. I’d like it though

Technically incursion have 2 ways to access the sentry…

But most people just fight at choke points unless you are these characters you can backdoor the sentry itself

Oscer mike
Shayne and aurox

The rest of the roster cannot do this and is stuck fighting at the choke points and killing minion waves etc

But 2 lane incursion would just turn into a meltdown… But much easyier version and it just be the case which is used now is to swarm 1 lane and hard push then it be a battle who can burn the sentry down the quickest in there lane… Which makes 2 lanes in incursion flawed

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I’m intrigued at the thought of a more traditional MOBA mode with 2-3 Lanes as apposed to the single lane that we have BUT balancing that along with keeping the other modes as is would probably be hard. Yet looking at Meltdown where there are 2 Lanes, I find it a lot more tactical and a bit more fun, than Incursion where it’s more of “Kill that dude before he kills us/our minions”.

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Technically you have your front door and your back door. I’m talking two front doors, which you already know.

I just hate how in Incursion it’s mostly mindless “kill all the things and then you win”. You have to pay attention, but I rarely find myself focusing very hard. With two lane Incursion, you have to be very aware of who’s doing what, and where they’re doing it. Defending two lanes is not as simple as defending one lane.

…swarming one lane means that one player can clear the other lane, giving a full wave of minions executive access to your sentry. With the winion bot update, this is a near certain death sentence for the sentry.

I’d like a two-lane Incursion for variety, absolutely; but it would have to be a map and not a mode, because the playerbase is too low to add a new mode, in my opinion.

They wouldn’t really need to put in two sentries for each lane, just have one sentry with two+ branching out paths. It would honestly make playing an Assassin in Incursion more fun, as you’d actually have multiple ways to go/attack/retreat from. As it stands right now, I strongly dislike playing assassins in incursion (I mostly play Deande), and while no, it isn’t necessarily harder to play as one, there is a higher dependence on your team than in Meltdown, where you can go from one lane and attack enemies from behind without them knowing.

I’m curious as o how Caldy, Thorn and Shayne can back door a sentry. I’ve never seen it and it sounds ineffective

S&A have stealth, so they must think that means they can backdoor.

Caldy has extreme mobility, so they must think it means he can backdoor.

Thorn has a high jump, so they must think it means she can backdoor.

Two lane Incursion? Yep. One lane Meltdown? Noooooope.


This would double the minions and could cut the length of each game in half. After the recent minion buff I don’t think we need our sentries to die faster.

I think maps with additional routes would be cool though. As long as the minions still could only walk one path, battleborn could attack from maybe two sides and 3 levels.

That’d be really cool, if the path was chose at random. Add an interesting dynamic for super territorial teams that like to camp area buffs.

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Oh very nice! Makes me think about a map with moving parts, like a train switch. Send the minions left or right for 150 shards.

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That sounds awesome! I prefer traditional moba style, so even two lanes seems awesome to me. It actually always bothered me how short the maps are length-wise, as opposed to LoL or HotS. I can get from spawn to front line in seconds. LoL takes a bit longer from one lane to the other, therefore increasing the value of mobility items/characters.

Meltdown isn’t as balanced, imo, but is better for a larger chunk of the roster when you do have a balanced match. This would be like the best of both worlds!

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“Noooo! They taste like copper!”


More one-on-one would be sick…

Five-Lane or GTFO! XD

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Quite true lol