Two maggies same lvl which one should i use?

Personally I’d go for the one with the higher accuracy and shorter reload time. There’s not that much difference in damage, and I don’t think you’re actually going to notice the difference in fire rate.

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I prefer the jakobs sight though…tough choice

Also just picked this up if i want high damage and pristine accuracy:

How often do you aim down sights, and who are you playing as? If Nisha I don’t think the sights would matter too much beyond aesthetics!

If I’m stuck in a quandary like that, usually I put the two weapons in adjacent slots so I can switch between them easily, and then go shoot things. Sometimes, that’s really the best way to make the choice - playing the way you usually play, and seeing which meshes better with that.

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I always aim down sights with jakobs you want those criticals!

But thanks very much for all the info bud youve been very helpful!

Aye. Agree with VH. Id go with the second one as well.

Ok one person says it maybe but two people say it its gotta be right lol

Depends on which character you play as.

If it’s Nisha, then the accuracy and reload would be fine, and you’d want to squeeze out every bit of damage, but you could get more crackshots and mag 6 with the second maggie.

Wilhelm has accuracy boosts and reload up the wazoo, so take the first since it has a better mag and higher damage.

Claptrap follows the same rules as Nisha for the most part. Small mag=more OLT=more damage, so go with the second maggie.

Aurelia would depend on the spec, but accounting for Large Caliber, the first would be better because the mag is bigger and she can take care of the accuracy and reload.

For Jack, go with the first because you won’t need to reload anyway, so you may as well go for more damage.

For Athena, idk.