Two of my DLC's have Vanished

Playing as Moze at level 55 on PC and just finished Moxxi’s Handsome Jackpot. Came back to Sanctuary and upgraded to Mayhem 2. Next I was hoping to play one of the other DLC’s (Bounty of Blood or Guns, Love and Tenticles) but they seem to have vanished from my PC. Some time back I opened the Mission markers on Sanctuary for these DLC’s. Should I go back to Mayhem 1 or is there another way to get these DLC’s back? The mission indicator on the top right of the screen says “Blood from a Stone Navigate to Gehenna”. Is this left over from the VIP Tower mission ? After killing Pretty Boy and completing the mission I raided the “treasure room” then went back to complete the challenges. Will I have to buy these DLC’s again?

Go to Sanctuary bridge and travel to new planet.

For DLC2, there should be a wedding invitation in Sir Hammerlock’s room to click on; that should give you the similar mission to navigate to Xylourgos (again via the bridge on Sanctuary).