Two players wirh the same character?

Yesterday I saw two Oscar Mikes in the enemies team, why is this possible?
Is this a cheat, a bug or what?

Were you in private?

No it was online. Also felt like they had more minions than normally. Just felt like.

‘Shrugs’ haven’t had that issue, I guess I’ve been lucky. Haven’t had any glitches or bugs during my playtime. That shouldn’t have happened, afaik

I have actually had that issue back in the Open Beta as seen in this screenshot:

I’ve also seen two of same character in a match.

hope Gearbox can fix this

I haven’t done any matches yet but am sticking with Thorn until I get exceptionally good with that class.
So…If I join a match I might have to change to another class? If so, didn’t know this was an issue.

If you fast enough you can pick whatever you want. But there can be just one Thorn in a team, if this bug (or whatever it is) got fixed.

Lol dude I think that might have been me and my Lil bro. It was his first pvp and he hadn’the done story mode yet so the game forced him a random character and it made him oscar mike which was already taken xD

AirTizzy and ChildCombatant?

Yeah, if someone hasn’t played the prologue yet, it seems like they can only be Oscar Mike. Even if there already is one chosen.

I think it would be better when new players are forced to play the prologue

My buddy hopped in pvp with us without doing prologue and it gave him Oscar mike and we had two Oscar mikes lol. Can confirm if you don’t play the prologue before pvp it will give you Oscar mike.

Did you notice that the score for the first Ambra is incorrect?

This actually reminds me of launch day when we had 4 Rath’s in the same game on The Sentinel. I really wanted to get the last guy to pick Rath too so we could do a 5 man spinning contest, but he picked Montana instead :frowning:. It was actually one of the funnest games I’ve ever played so far. It was total chaos with everyone constantly competing for who gets to get in the bad guys’ faces first.

While I was recording gameplay footage last night. I noticed that there were two Boldur’s on my team, and two Reyna’s on the opposing team.

I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE AND IT WASNT PRIVATE TO ANYONE ELSE WHO IS SAYING THAT. I got footage when i realized i killed a Oscar only to see another Oscar spawn behind me:

Oddly enough I think I had this happen to me yesterday. I know I killed the other teams Shayne and suddenly there was another one. I know I saw it because they both were trying to kill me and our team did not have that character at match start.

I thought maybe it was that old shadow clone glitch but now…I’m not so sure…

On ps4 by the way. Was in public PvP meltdown.